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How to reduce your mobile data consumption?
How to reduce your mobile data consumption? Photo: Getty Images

So that you use less mobile data from your cell phonethe Federal Consumer Attorney (Profeco) He offered a series of tips to reduce and manage their use in order to protect your finances and prevent some applications from working when you are not using them.

Remember that mobile data costs you money And if you don’t have control of them, the plan you have contracted with your phone may exceed the limit and you may have to pay some additional cost. Among the advice that Profeco gives are the following:

  • Consume your mobile data in an informed manner, change your consumption habits and maximize the use of mobile data
  • Uninstall apps you don’t useyou can consume data without realizing it
  • Make calls over the cellular network and not through instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp
  • Consider using the Lite versions of apps as they use less data and space
  • Remove the Internet access permissions of the applications that you do not useso they don’t consume data in the background

Tips to reduce your mobile data consumption

Among other tips, you can set a data limit from the settings of your cell phone so that you save and do not find yourself with an unpleasant surprise when paying.

Save mobile data, help your pocket. Photo: Getty Images

Also remember that downloads of any type of streaming service are the ones that consume the most mobile data on your phoneso the recommendation is that you should only use them when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network.

if you are in various WhatsApp groupswhere daily share photos and videosthe best is that turn off the automatic download functionsince if you do not do it, your phone will continue downloading content that may not be of use to you.

And finally, Activate the data saving of your phone, which allows you to reduce them by stopping some apps from sending or receiving in the background. This is recommended if you have apps that you don’t use often.

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