how to prepare Chinese style stir-fried vegetables

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Eating vegetables does not have to be boring, we can also do them in any style and they will be delicious because they are a very versatile garnish. No doubt you can encourage yourself to prepare these Chinese style stir-fried vegetables. You will not have to leave home or ask for home delivery because of how easy and fast they are to prepare them. You will save a lot of money!

This recipe is commonly accompanied with rice to create the dish we know as yakimeshi, of which we also have a recipe, can even be prepared to accompany chicken, beef or pork. The flavor that these two sauces give to the vegetables does not ask for anything from any garnish.

The original idea of ​​the recipe is based on taking advantage of the leftovers of other foods (meat and steamed vegetables) mixing them with rice. However, not all the ingredients could always be accessed or perhaps there weren’t any leftovers, so he gradually adapted to just the vegetables. If you find yourself in this situation, you can use the vegetables from the bottom of your refrigerator and take advantage of them to prepare a delicious and filling meal.

Now yes, let’s start with our recipe!

  • We will start by washing and disinfecting all the vegetables. Then fillet 1/4 of the white onion, squash, carrot and peppers into sticks.

  • Cut the broccoli into small florets. Remember that everything must be well disinfected, and steam it with half a cup of water for 10 minutes while you cut the vegetables.

  • In a wide skillet, add a splash of oil to fry the onion and carrot.

  • Drain the broccoli and add it to the pan with the onion, then add all the vegetables and a little more water. The water will also make them steam so you don’t use as much oil.

  • Once they start to change color and texture, add 5 teaspoons of soy sauce and 5 teaspoons of Worcestershire sauce. You can add more or less if you prefer.

  • After five minutes, remove from heat and serve.

  • Add sesame seeds when serving and that’s it.

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