How to disable Windows 11 antivirus

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We explain all the steps to disable the antivirus in Windows 11 and prevent it from jumping when running an application.

Keep your computer safe external attacks and enjoy a good performance It is possible thanks to some tools. For example, we have explained how to update drivers in windows 11 from windows update. Furthermore, we cite the ten best antivirus that you can install on your PC. All these measures are fine, but sometimes it is necessary to pause them to continue working. Then, How to disable antivirus in Windows 11? Read on to find out.

In the following sections we show you how to temporarily turn off system malware protection. In essence, this will allow you disable antivirus in windows and run all kinds of applications. In addition to showing you the steps involved, we cover some circumstances where you might want to do this and answer other frequently asked questions.

Disable Windows 11 antivirus: which antivirus?

How to disable Windows 11 antivirus

Windows 11 antivirus comes in handy to prevent external attacks on your laptop or desktop PC

Perhaps you have come here out of curiosity and wonder what antivirus are we talking about. Actually, we mean the next installed with system, which is kept active at all times and by default. It is the one that prevents you from installing supposedly malicious applications and that puts in forty depending on what files.

Previously, his real name, microsoft defender, was very present in Windows. However, its presence is now more discreet, since it is integrated into the section windows security. Therefore, it is logical that you have not even noticed that it exists, much less that it is running in the background.

In short, what we explain here is useful for disable Microsoft Defender, or what is the same, the antivirus that the company introduces on each computer on which Windows 11 is installed. Keep in mind that if you have another antivirus on your device and you delete it, Defender will be activated automatically. This means that there is always protection software running on the computer.

How to turn off Microsoft Defender

As we have told you, the name of Microsoft’s antivirus, which is actually Defender, has been forgotten due to its integration into the application windows security. From it you can carry out all the procedures related to the privacy and security of your computer.

Microsoft allows Temporarily disable Windows 11 antivirus. As we will see in the next section, this will come in handy in specific cases. But for now, let’s see how to turn it off step by step.

The first thing you should do is open the Windows settings and go to the section Privacy & Security. Then click the button open windows security.

How to disable Windows 11 antivirus

This is the security and privacy section of the Windows 11 settings

In the options tile, choose the entry Virus and Threat Protection.

How to disable Windows 11 antivirus

Access the area of ​​settings related to protection against malware

Locate the section Antivirus settings and threat protection and click on Manage protection.

How to disable Windows 11 antivirus

From here you will enter the antivirus protection settings

In the list of options, click on the controls for Real-time protection Y Cloud based protection so that they are deactivated, as shown in the following image.

How to disable Windows 11 antivirus

When you turn off Microsoft Defender, you will receive an alert about the seriousness of removing antivirus protection from your computer

From this point on, Microsoft Defender will have stopped scanning the device. But is it disabled indefinitely? Absolutely. When you restart your computer or it’s time to do the next scheduled inspection, the real-time protection will be activated again. On the contrary, the cloud-based protection yes it stays disabled until you manually turn it back on.

Disable antivirus in Windows 11: frequently asked questions

How to disable Windows 11 antivirus

Do you have questions about disabling Windows Defender? Answer all your questions with us

You may have doubts regarding what has been explained in this article. Solve them all by taking a look at the answers to Microsoft Defender FAQ.

When is it good to disable Microsoft Defender?

Generally, the recommendation is that microsoft defender or another antivirus is active on the computer at all times. However, there are two circumstances in which it will be practical for you to turn off this protection:

  • When you try apps that you know are safe. You may have downloaded a program that seems suspicious at first. In that case, Microsoft Defender will prevent it from running. If you are sure that it is a safe software, turning off the antivirus in Windows 11 is essential to be able to open the application.
  • Improve your team’s performance. Microsoft’s antivirus is well optimized and because of this it has little impact on PC performance. However, if you are going to launch a heavy task on your computer and need all the resources, temporarily pausing the protection might be a good idea.

Do I have to turn off Microsoft Defender to install another antivirus?

No. It is normal to worry about two antivirus programs running on your computer at the same time. However, when you install a third-party security solution, Defender turns off automatically. In fact, here we explain why it is not a good idea to install two antivirus at the same time.

Is Microsoft Defender effective or is it better to install another antivirus?

For the vast majority of users, using only Microsoft Defender is more than enough. The scores they usually give independent bodies They place it as one of the best antivirus on the market.

Obviously, if you want advanced features like a VPN, selective file scanning, and more, you’ll want look for a powerful commercial antivirus.

What advantages does Microsoft Defender have?

We believe that the main advantage of Microsoft Defender is its system integration. In fact, it usually goes unnoticed by a large number of users, since it runs in the background and requires no configuration. Of course, it is also remarkable make it free Y that does not include superfluous tools. And, added to all this, its effectiveness is very high when it comes to neutralizing attacks.

How is Microsoft Defender activated?

microsoft defender is enabled by default when installing Windows 10 or Windows 11. The user does not have to do anything to get it up and running.

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