how to create a festival poster with your favorite bands from spotify and com

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We are going to explain to you how to use the instafest app, a service that you link to your account Spotify and, from your most listened to groups, generate a festival poster that you will be able to share. It does all of this for free, albeit by collecting your Spotify listening data.

It is a fairly simple web service to use, since you only have to sign in with your Spotify account. But also, you will be able to customize the poster to your liking to give it the look you want. The only requirement is to have Spotify, since it does not work with other streaming services.

How Instafest works

The first thing you have to do is enter the official website of Instafestwhose URL is instafest.app. Once inside the web, you have to click on the *Sign in with Spotify buttonwhich means sign in with Spotify.

Login Spotify

This will take you to the Spotify login page. In it, you have to enter the Spotify account you want to use to obtain their data and generate with them the poster for your imaginary music festival. Log in to the platform with your username and password, or through one of the alternative methods that appear.


When you do, you’ll land on the page where you have to give Instafest permission to access your account data. Here, you have to push the button To accept to give the web your data. This is something mandatory, since without the data you cannot generate the festival poster.

festival generated

By logging in and giving it the permissions, your festival poster will automatically be created. Before saving it, you have some options to customize it. For example, you can decide if you want it to take into account the data of the last four weeks, those of the last six months or all the historical ones. In addition, you can also choose a background for the banner and customize the name of the festival.

Save Share

When you have everything, click on Shave and Shareand you will go to a screen where you can save the poster you have generated or share it on the platforms you want. Where you can share it depends on your operating system’s share context menu. If you save it, it will stay in your internal storage, and you can use the sign wherever and however you want.

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