How limited Epic Games accounts work in Fortnite

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Today, December 7, 2022, Epic will begin rolling out the limited accountsa new type of account from Epic that allows for a tailored, inclusive and safe gaming experience for the youngest Fortnite players, all while maintaining access to the Fortnite features you love the most.

How do limited accounts work in Fortnite?

Players around the world will only have to enter their age once when they launch Fortnite. If you are a young player, your Epic account will become a limited account, and we will ask you to provide us with the email address of your parent or legal guardian to start the game. parental consent process.

With a limited account, you will still have full access to all content you have purchased or obtained in-game, but you will need to set parental control settings to access certain features. Once your parents have configured the parental control settings, the game experience will respect the selected options and your account will no longer be a limited account.

Also, as we already announced In September, if you’re under 18 and haven’t told us your age yet, you’ll see some of your settings reset to more privacy options. The default setting for chat will be set to “Nobody”, your profile visibility will be set to “Hidden”, groups will be set to “Invite Only”, and all personalized recommendations will be turned off. If you are under 16, the adult language filter will also be turned on by default.

If your default settings have changed, you will be notified and can change your account settings as long as you do not have parental controls or limited account enabled.

To learn more about limited accounts and any changes at the level of functionality, visit the Limited Account FAQ.

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