How exercise and social relationships heal the brain according to science

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How exercise and relationships heal the mindSouth_agency – Getty Images

There are several options for the brain is in good shape. Intellectual challenges, memory exercises, or habits are good ways to keep yourself in top shape. Also, physical activity and social relationships are attractive and essential aspects of life so that the head is at the maximum level.

According to scientists, the gray mass of the brain is basic for the human being. On this area depends in a good way the neural state. The drawback for optimal operation is that its volume reduces over the years. To stop this process researchers at the National Institute on Aging in Baltimore (United States) have discovered that healthier humans reduce this atrophy more significantlywhich opens a door to fight against brain deterioration.

One of the main assets to optimize cognitive health is found in physical activity. According to him scientific study published in The Journals of Gerontologyand, aerobic exercise training increases brain volume “significantly” among the elderly. According to the tests of the University of Illinois from the age of 60 both gray matter and white matter of the brain increased with training.

Scientists argue that better cardiovascular health helps the central nervous system and cognitive functions thanks, among other reasons, to better blood circulation. To this benefit, another study from the same university has added that physical exercise increases brain capacities related to daily activities, cognitive capacity and the ability to concentrate.

But the benefits are not limited to these examples. There are also interior physical upgrades. “(Scientific studies) suggest that there are a number of brain changes associated with physical activity, including new neurons in the regions of the brain that support memory, connections between neurons (synapses), and an increase in vascular structure“, specifies Art Kramer, emeritus professor at the University of Illinois.

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The brain works better with

On the other hand, the social facet of human beings is also key to this organ. Beyond mental health and well-being, scientists have found connections between the brain’s neural network and an active social life. The experts detail that interaction with other people increases the white mass of the brain and stimulates neural capacity so that it stops some pathological disorders associated with aging. In addition, several studies have revealed thatIsolation prevents the development of some cognitive functions due to its close relationship with the way of acting with other individuals.

However, experts are cautious because there is no precise way to optimize the brain based on each individual, because These studies still need to be deepened. “There are some limitations (with current knowledge) such as personalizing these factors that drive brain function and cognitive ability, as well as knowing how best to combine it with brainpower, physical activity, and social interactions to achieve maximum benefits in a long life,” summarizes Art Kramer.

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