How does it influence women’s health, according to UNAM?

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The menopauseas well as the premenopause Y postmenopauseis the ideal time for women to prepare for old age, according to the specialist of the UNAM, Zarela Chinolla Arellanowho also explains what are the effects on the physical and mental health for those who go through this process, which “should not be tortuous“.

The physical effects of menopause, according to UNAM

In accordance with Zarela Chinolla Arellanoprofessor of the Postgraduate Division of the Faculty of Medicine (FM) of the UNAMthe menopause usually arrives between the ages of 48 and 52, preceded by the premenopause that arrives between the ages of 40 and 45 and “is characterized by the absence of the menstrual period for 12 continuous months.”

It is also characterized because the ovaries stop producing estrogens and progesterone; beyond creating problems hormonal could cause disturbances in the metabolism glucose, also liver involvement and osteoporosis. These are the symptom more common.

  • hot flashes
  • Night sweats
  • Changes in libido and mood
  • Insomnia
  • Vaginal, hair and skin dryness
  • joint pain
  • Urinary infections

medical care during the climacteric (premenopause, menopause and postmenopause) is based on avoiding any problem, mainly metabolic: high cholesterol and triglycerides, insulin resistance, diabetes or disorders cardiovascular like hypertension.

What you should know about hormone treatments

Zarela Chinolla reported that hormone replacement therapy (estrogens) will depend on the symptoms of each woman, the main indication is when several vasomotor symptoms such as intense hot flashes are recorded while sleeping, although it is a transitory manifestation, it is annoying.

  • There are risk factors that can be favored by hormone replacement therapy. Therefore, the patient must be evaluated.

Women who have had cancer and are in menopause cannot undergo a hormone treatment because they will not be attached to it; They will also not work for patients with liver problems, so they will need to take pain relievers. women with cardiovascular problems They are not candidates either.

Medical recommendations to be aware of

Due to hormonal changes by agemetabolic diseases and cardiacas well as the osteoporosis, develop due to aging; However, the menopause it could exacerbate them or develop risk factors, especially decalcification, if the necessary preventive actions are not taken.

Chinolla Arellano recommends going to the gynecologist annually to perform tests such as pap smear, whether you have a sexual life or not, have had children or not. If it is necessary to carry out a colposcopyBesides the mammography annually after age 40.

The mental and psychological effects behind menopause

According to the highest house of studies, the menopause not only cause damage physicalbut also mentalsuch as sadness, anxiety and mood swingsalso caused by other physical symptoms such as hair loss, dry skin, dry skin and weight gain, but the specialist assures that it should not be tortuous.

“It is the perfect moment for us women to prepare ourselves to enter old age, it is not a process that causes us harm, but a natural stage that has to take place; It’s like going from elementary school to high school (…) it shouldn’t be stormy either”.

Zarela Chinolla Arellano, UNAM School of Medicine

Image: UNAM

During the menopause it is also common to experiment headaches, fatigue, and bouts of depression. The general recommendations consist of eating a healthy diet, exercising and seeing specialists to alleviate discomfort.

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