How can you check who viewed your WhatsApp profile?

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One of the most popular platforms to communicate among Mexicans is WhatsApp, and one of the benefits of the application, are the different tricks that you can do to make your daily life easier. From limiting who sees your last connection, profile photo and activating the dark mode.

A trick to know who visits your profile without downloading extra applications to your device is through your status, but this depends on the privacy in which you have your profile. If you are interested in knowing who is a Stalker on your WhatsApp, we tell you how to do it easily.

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How to see who checks your WhatsApp profile?

To see who checks your WhatsApp profile without downloading extra programs or applications, you just have to follow the following steps:

  • To check who sees your WhatsApp profile, you must first share something in one of your states, it can be an image, message or video.
  • After some time passes, you should enter your “Status” next to the “Chats” tab in the home window of your application.
  • Select the state that you have shared, and then the eye that is below.
  • You will see a window showing all the contacts who have seen your status.
  • If you see someone who frequently views your statuses, it’s very likely that they’ll also view your profile, especially if they reply to your photos, videos, or posts you’ve uploaded.
  • When your contacts have message reading confirmation disabled, it will not appear if they have seen your statuses, or if you have not registered them to your contacts.

In case you do not want certain contacts to see your states, before creating the image, message or video. You enter privacy and select “share with these contacts except…” and you can choose who does not see what you post.

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