How can I block calls from banks? This says the Condusef

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The calls what do you get from banking institutions they can become a headache, since generally trying to offer a new card, insurance or any other financial product.

Fortunately, there is a tool from the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (Condusef) that will allow you to block the calls definitive banking. Here we give you the details.

How can I block calls from banks?

To block the calls of banks you must resort to the tool of the Public Registry of Users (REUS)this is a system that contains the data of the users of the Mexican financial system who do not wish to be bothered by the banks.

There are different ways to avoid or stop receiving calls from banking institutions:

  • One of the options is to go directly to the offices of the Condusef.
  • Another option is to call 01-800-999-8080 when residing in the Mexican Republic or 5340-0999 in Mexico City.
  • You can also block bank calls from the website.

Do they ask for any requirement to block calls from banks?

Fortunately, Mexicans do not require any document to block the calls received by banking institutions; It will only be necessary to have on hand the telephone numbers that you want to block.

The best is that This service is totally free.

And that’s not all, the Condusef REUS tool also allows you to block email addresses; this to avoid receiving messages of banking promotions.

Can calls from all banking institutions be blocked?

No, since the Condusef REUS tool allows you to block the calls up to two financial institutions.

Can bank calls be immediately blocked?

To stop receiving calls of banking institutions, a period of 45 days must elapsespecifically from the date on which the registration was made in the REUS tool of the Condusef.

It is worth mentioning that the registration to the REUS tool of the Condusef remains active for a period of 2 years.

What if the banks keep calling?

If you continue to receive calls of banking institutions, after having registered in the REUS tool, a complaint can be filed with the Condusef for it to be resolved and a sanction process could even be initiated.

Without a doubt, calls from banks are very cumbersome or perhaps those from your partner are much worse.

With information from the Condusef



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