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An intense regular season is in the final stretch and is two days away from concluding to make way for the NFL playoffsalthough the 14 franchises are still not fully defined and here we tell you the panorama heading to the postseason in January.

How many teams go to NFL Playoffs 2023?

For now, there are already 9 qualified teams to the next round, of the 14 seats that they can classify.

classified teams

Five of seven AFC spots have already been bypassed and there are only two tickets left available (AFC South champion and a place as a wild card) that seven teams will be fighting for. The classifieds are:

  • cincinnati bengals
  • Baltimore Ravens
  • buffalo bills
  • Kansas City Chiefs
  • Los Angeles Chargers

While in the National Conference there are four squads that have tied their pass to the next round, but the fight is still on to see which team gets the number one seed. In addition, only one place is available as a wild card. The classified franchises are:

  • Philadelphia Eagles
  • Minnesota Vikings
  • san francisco 49ers
  • dallas cowboys
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  • new york giants

eliminated teams

Two weeks after the end of the campaign, 9 sets they have run out of options to advance to the postseason, four in the AFC and another four in the NFC:

  • denver broncos
  • cleveland browns
  • indianapolis colts
  • Houston Texans
  • los angeles rams
  • arizona cardinals
  • chicago bears
  • atlanta falcons
  • Carolina Panthers

What does each NFL team need to qualify for the Playoffs?

american conference

Win the last game against the Jets and expect the Patriots vs. Bills to lose.

Win your game against the Bills.

Win both of their games and wait for the Patriots to lose in the final week to the Bills.

Win their two games and have the following results: Patriots victory against Dolphins, Jets victory against Dolphins, Jets loss against Seahawks and Patriots vs Bills loss.

Winning both of their games and the Dolphins losing both of their games coupled with the loss of the Jets against the Seahawks, the loss of the Patriots vs. Bills, the Steelers losing one of their games and the Jaguars being divisional champions.

To be divisional champion in the AFC South they will have to defeat the Titans on the last date.

To be divisional champion in the AFC South they will have to defeat the Jaguars on the last date.

National Conference

Winning their last game against the Cowboys, having the Packers lose to the Vikings and then defeating the Lions. Defeat of Seattle on the last date.

Win their last two games and expect a Commanders loss or a couple of Giants losses.

Win their remaining two games and have both Washington and Green Bay lose one of their two games.

Winning on the last day against Green Bay and Seattle losing one of its two games.

Win against Carolina, lose Commanders to Cowboys, Seattle lose to Rams, Green Bay lose to Minnesota but on the last date they defeat Detroit.


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