hot dogs will be cheaper

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  • Ey launched an interesting study where he discovered the categories in which the change in consumer habits due to inflation has been triggered.

  • The measure taken by Walmart at Sam’s is an action that seeks to guarantee visits to physical stores.

  • Sam’s Club competes with Costco in the price club segment.

Walmart made a decision in the midst of the inflation that exists in retail and will cut, at least in the United States, the price of the combo of hot dog and soda that it offers in its cafeterias, so it will go from $1.50 to $1.38. For this he gave the order in Sam’s Club to make the change.

The decisions that have been made in retail in the midst of inflation have been based on the price of the products and on maintaining consumer demand, given the challenges of inflation, which have evidently changed consumer habits.

as part of a research signature HEYit found that the main changes in consumer habits were in the categories of clothing, electronics, and beauty and cosmetics.

“Clothing, shoes, accessories and consumer electronics were found to be the top categories most affected by this change in consumer behavior, with approximately two-thirds of respondents saying they have made changes to their shopping habits. purchase of said articles”, explains Tugba Sabanogluretail analyst at Statistaafter analyzing the study of the aforementioned firm.

Sam’s Club and the order received

Doug McMillon, CEO of Walmart, announced that Sam’s Club was ordered to lower the price of its hot dogs so that they will cost 12 cents less in the United States, where the price of this food has become a commitment from stores like Costco, despite inflation.

The decision made known by McMillon, he explained, is to support consumers in the midst of the inflation that is being experienced and is added to other actions that it has already implemented, such as the implementation of a program where it allows the sale of used products, adding it to your product inventory.

Just as Walmart gave the order to lower the price of hot dogs at Sam’s, Mexican brands such as Oxxo have taken the initiative of promotions with service points for purchases achieved.

These actions have become an interesting measure with which this brand consolidates a unique offer in the market, since what is sought is to improve the experience of visiting a physical store carried out by consumers, to increase it.

The measure reminds us how important the consumer’s visit to the point of sale is and how brands seek to improve the guidelines they think in their commercial premises, to guarantee the increase in pedestrian traffic.

Having said this, very important resources have been patented in the market, which remind us of the capacity of a brand in the market and how, based on innovation in what is sold, it is conquered, without necessarily finding the black thread, simply by changing prices .

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