Hospital Joya at the forefront of tourist medicine

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Medical assistance to travelers or Tourist Medicine, is an area of ​​medicine that is dedicated to the prevention of diseases and risk situations to which tourists may be exposed, regardless of the chosen destination.

According to Dr. Israel Velázquez, Tourist Medicine is strongly linked to Prehospital Medicine, Emergencies, Infectious Diseases and, within this, particularly linked to Tropical Medicine.

The Travel Medicine Physician’s function is to offer the advice that the tourist needs to prevent health incidents, as well as diagnose and treat any illnesses acquired by the person during and after a trip.

This attention must be coherent, coordinated, serious and of quality; based on a fast and efficient pre-hospital medical service, and on a quality and transparent hospital service; that guarantees the best care for the patient and her relatives. This type of medicine requires perfect knowledge of each and every one of the parties involved, since it is aimed at meeting the health, disease and accident needs of tourists and the foreign population residing in a place.

Although the criteria put into practice by tourist medicine enjoy a well-known reputation, it is currently in a position to carry out quality prehospital medicine in this area, since it has evolved towards greater professionalization, likewise, it has spread in recent years. to long- and medium-stay residential tourism by offering medical check-up programs and alternative treatments; or those who have waiting lists in their countries of origin.

The objective is to provide peace of mind in medical attention to Tourists through a solid and adaptable service with the experience and support of high-quality hospitals such as the ones we currently enjoy in Puerto Vallarta, in order to guarantee safety on your vacations.

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