Hombres G: this is what its members look like now that they are around 60 years old

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Men G Members This is how they look
The Spanish band Hombres G released their first album in 1985. Photo: GettyImages

At least three generations their hymns are known as “I love you”, “If I don’t have you”, “Trembling” and “Give me back my girl” and now that the members of Hombres G they are around 60 yearswe show you how do they look now these faces of Spanish pop rock.

The quartet made up of David Summers, Rafa Gutiérrez, Javi Molina and Dani Mezquita achieved international fame in the 1980s. In 2023, the group formed in Madrid will celebrate its 40 years of experience with a tour that will bring them to Mexico City.

Men G: this is how their members currently look

After having been on stage for a decade, the G-men they separated in 1992. By 2001 their return was achieved and in 2021 they released their album “La Esquina de Rowland”. Because they are a benchmark of music in Spanish, we share photos of how their members look today.

David Summers, 58 years old

Is he group vocalist. In 2022, she defended the group’s song “Devuélveme a mi chica” from a criticism launched on a Spanish television program, with which they pointed out that part of the letter of this success is no longer well regarded today.

Summer argued that the song was released 40 years ago and that it was a joke that was not intended to offend anyone.

Rafa Gutierrez, 62 years old

Is he lead guitarist of the band and the oldest of the members. When Hombres G started, he was the only one who was married; he divorced in 1987.

Javi Molina, 58 years old

Is he drummer from the band. He is one of the founders of Hombres G along with David Summers whom he has known since they were both 5 years old.

When the group went on hiatus, he chose to be an entrepreneur and opened his bar. In 2021 he had to separate from his companions and leave a group tour because he suffered a cervical injury that prevented him from playing drums for a while.

  • Javi hugging David Summers

Dani Mosque, 57 years old

He was the third accomplice to join the group, before together with David and Javi they met Rafa Gutiérrez in the studio.

In 2019 he married Andrea López, his partner with whom he then had a 10-year relationship. Dani celebrated his second wedding and bragged about it on social networks.

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