History of the song “Tattoos”, by Joan Sebastian

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Joan Sebastian Song Tattoos
“Tattoos” is Joan Sebastian’s most popular song. Photo: Cuartoscuro

Yes “That and more” and “You’ll be better off without me” are part of the songs that Joan Sebastian wrote to Their lovesnow we are going to tell you who it was the woman who inspired “Tattoos”the best known success of the composer of juliantla.

The Joan Sebastian’s songbook it is very broad and obvious, in its lyrics there is a record of what was his love story with Maribel GuardiaCould it be that “Tattoos” is dedicated to the Costa Rican star?

Who was Joan Sebastian inspired for his song “Tattoos”?

Joan Sebastian Y Maribel Guardia they had one of romances most mediatic of the 90s. They met in a palenque and in 1992 they began their relationship. His son, Julian Figueroa was born in 1995.

Their idyll ended due to an infidelity. In 1996, the couple starred in the telenovela “Tú y yo”, in the production, the singer met Arleth Terán, the villain in the plot and with whom Joan cheated on Maribel.

That same year the song “Tattoos” was released, which talks about a breakup and an inevitable farewell.

Tattoos of your kisses I carry all over my body
Tattooed over time the time I met you
It made me vice to see your eyes, breathe your breath
I’m leaving, but I carry you inside of me

It’s part of the song

It is said that “Tattoos” is one of the songs that Joan Sebastian composed inspired by his love for Maribel Guardia.

According to what Julián Figueroa, the son of the singers, once told, the theme is also a reference to a tattoo of a rose and a cross with their initials that the couple got when they got married.

  • Other songs that Joan dedicated to Maribel are: “Envidia” and “Un idiota”

Joan Sebastian died at the age of 64 on July 13, 2015, the life of the so-called “poet of the people” was extinguished by bone cancer against which he had been fighting since 1998.

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