his facet as an actor with Sylvester Stallone and his musical successes

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“Escape to Victory”, a film with Sylvester Stallone and Pelé | Photo: Getty Images

Pelewho died this December 29 at the age of 82it was not only one of the best soccer players in history with 1,283 goals and three World Cups, but had a facet little known as actor in the film “escape to victory” starring Sylvester Stallone and a brief foray into the music.

Pelé was an “actor” and appeared with Sylvester Stallone in ‘Escape to Victory’

In 1981, four years after the retirement of PeleJohn Houston directed a movie called “escape to victory“, starring the established actors Sylvester Stallone Y Michael Cainebut since it was a soccer movie, the production brought “oh king” to show off his football skills.

  • What is “Escape to Victory” about? Second World War, 1943. The commander of the Gensdorff concentration camp, who before the war had been part of the German soccer team, takes an interest in a group of prisoners who practice this sport. He then comes up with the idea of ​​organizing a match in which a German team and a team made up of prisoners of war face each other. Although at first the allies reject the proposal, in the end they accept the challenge.

In this film, Pele plays the prisoner of war Luis Fernandez, the star striker of the team that faces a selection of German footballers. The Brazilian football player He played the best player on the team of prisoners who face not only their rivals, but also a referee against them and unsportsmanlike and inhumane attitudes.

The true story of the film starring Edson Arantes do Nascimento

The film is inspired by a true event called “The Party of Death”when on August 9, 1942the FC Starta team of ex-players of the FC Dynamo kyiv he faced the most powerful German team, at the time when the Ukraine was occupied by the III Reich.

The players of the CF start, despite being warned that, if they won, they would be executed, they won and humiliated the Germans to the collective delirium. A week later, on August 16, they again defeated rukh. Many of the Ukrainian players were arrested, tortured, and taken to concentration camps, where several died.

Other performances by “O Rei”

Although the movieescape to victory” with Sylvester Stallone is the best-known title in which he appeared Pele, is not the only role he played in his little-known acting career. These are all the titles in which he appeared “oh king“.

  • “The Baron Othello in the shop of the billions” (1971) – Doctor Arantes
  • “To March” (1972) – Boy Bondade
  • “Pedro Mico” (1985)
  • “Os Trombadinhas” (1980) – Himself
  • A minor miracle” (1985) – Himself
  • hotshot” (1986) – Saints

Notably “A minor miracleis a film directed by john houstonDirector of “escape to victory“who did not want to work again with Pele. Said films were the only titles in English in which the player participated.

Pelé’s musical career, did he really sing?

In the middle of his football career, Pele participated in a duet with Elis Reginawith whom he recorded an album in 1969, “Tabelinha”. The collaboration was very striking, since it brought together the then two-time world champion with one of the most popular artists in Brazil.

In the last mentioned song, he appears He is asking Pele to sing something to him, to which he replies “I don’t have a voice to sing”, she continues to insist and points out “they told me you play the violin very well” and the Brazilian football player he begins to tell the story in the song, where he recounts that they gave him a violin and he began to sing as best he could.

In 2006, Pele He launched “PeleGinga“, an album that he presented in a duet with Gilberto Gil where an early version of ‘Credit I did not see‘. In 2020, this song was re-released, now with the Mexican duo Rodrigo and Gabriela as companions of the Brazilian, on the occasion of his 80th birthday.

Pele Not only is he one of the most emblematic figures in soccer history, but his charisma led him to the world of soccer. movies and the music, albeit briefly. It’s not just his goals and his technical quality ahead of his time, but the brilliance he had in different areas of the entertainment world.

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