His boss gives him a “Louis Vuitton” bag, but it was a “Louis Loud”

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  • In 202, the French luxury goods firm had a turnover of around 44.6 billion euros.

  • Louis Vuitton, was 16 years old when it became the first manufacturer of trunks with lids.

  • The luxury brand is considered the most exclusive in the world, which is why you will never find “deals” in stores.

The fashion industry is one of the most followed by millions of people on a daily basis, and it is that regardless of whether they are luxury products, consumers buy them in any way. This was demonstrated in a viral video on TikTok, after a woman who is dedicated to domestic services in the United States, shared the time that her boss will give her a “Louis Vuitton” bag, but then she found out that it was an imitation because of what Internet users baptized as “Luis Gritón” ”.

Without a doubt, talking about the fashion industry without mentioning Louis Vuitton is impossible. According to data from its estimates, the LVMH Group sustained an annual evolution of its income worldwide between 2008 and 2020, in millions of euros. Being 2020 when the French luxury goods firm, owner of brands such as Louis Vuitton or Bvlgari, had a turnover of around 44.6 billion euros, which represented a decrease of about nine billion compared to the previous year.

In this sense, data from his report indicate that the value of the Louis Vuitton brand was valued in 2021 at approximately 14 thousand 860 million US dollars.

The history

Through the TikTok social network, we have come across many peculiar stories involving brands.

The story of a woman has gone viral on the video platform, Well, the Internet user, who shared how a day of work as a domestic worker wassaid the time that one of her bosses gave her a bag from the luxury brand Louis Vuitton, but after getting excited she found out that it was fake.

The woman, who identifies herself as Mónica Rodríguez, shared that she has a domestic service company and that is why it was the first time that she had worked with that client that she identified as “Madame Chanel”.

Likewise, in the video, Rodríguez says that on that occasion he could not contain his emotion when the tenant of the house where he works cleaning gave him the bag, claiming that he no longer needed it. However, He went from joy to disappointment when he realized an unexpected detail that the woman told him.

“It’s one of those copies, it’s not original, but I didn’t like it because I bought it and it broke,” said the client.

The recording undoubtedly went viral on TikTok, where Internet users left their comments after the peculiar story of the woman.

@moniruiz78♬ original sound – Monica Rodriguez

Likewise, others have taken the opportunity to laugh at the gift and make jokes about the forgery, even those who have opined that it is being very ungrateful.

“That’s Luis Gritón,” says one of the comments.

“And you excited me. You left for the last to say that it was not original ”, reads another comment.

“I was very excited because you were going to have a Luisa,” read another comment.

“That’s Liusa Buiton I think,” wrote another Internet user.

Without a doubt, social networks have become the best communication tool for people, and all this because they are media that have a great reach, regardless of the language or the distance one has.

In this case, the woman used her TikTok account to document in a funny way how she was affected by the counterfeiting industry, which moves millions of dollars around the world every day, leaving brands as the main victim.

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