Henry Cavill officially announces his return as Superman

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Henry Cavill officially announces his return as Superman

After many rumors, gossip, problems and demands from fans, Henry Cavill officially announces his return as Superman. The actor played the hero for the first time in the man of steel and although the film did not turn out as many expected, he won the affection of the fans and became the most important version of this famous character.

After hundreds of problems, known and not, with Warner Bros., the actor had a promising cameo in Black Adam and now confirms that it is here to stay, thus rescuing one of the best-achieved elements of the Snyderverse.

It is true that the world of DC was not entirely fair to henry cavill. The actor kept the role of Superman for his physique and talent in front of the camera, but the handling of his story, and that third act where he makes a deadly decision, divided the fans a lot with some missing the old interpretations of the superhero and others justifying this new version from various comics. Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice it did him no favors, and by that time it was clear that Zack Snyder’s vision was destined for a thousand conflicts with the company that gave him the job in the first place.

For years, the followers of the Snyderverse fought to restore this version that they consider unfairly crushed by the interests of a company in crisis. Walter Hamadaand more recently Toby Emmerich, the names turned to blame in the whole thing and his departure served to pave the way for this long-awaited return that Dwayne Johnson had been planning for the public for some time. The result was successful, because although specialized critics did not like it very much, Black Adamthe viewers loved it and the income has been very good, making it clear that they are ready for a new stage of the DCEU.

The fear for many was that this cameo did not mean much and was only the result of the insistence of Dwayne Johnsonbut now that several days have passed since the premiere, henry cavill he breaks the silence about his return and promises that there is more… much more. The actor posted on his social networks an image as Superman and a short video where he explains that he waited for the first weekend of the premiere to announce his official return:

In the video, Cavill declares that he is back as Superman and that his cameo in Black Adam It is a taste of things to come. As it could not be missing, the actor also appreciates the support and patience of the fans, and promises that everything will be worth it in the end, words that will surely be taken as a confirmation of Man of Steel 2, a sequel that could never be at the time and that the public has been asking for years. Cavill also mentions that there is much to be thankful for and that he will talk more about it at another time.

The latter definitely has to do with the insistence of Dwayne Johnson to have him in the team, but also to David Zaslav as a new executive who approved his return after Walter Hamada Y Toby Emmerich will be named persona non grata for not accepting their terms to make a cameo in Shazam!which ended up being one of the most criticized moments of the DCEU.

The fans are already assured of the return of henry cavill and the one of Ben Affleckat least for a couple of deliveries, with Flash Y Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, but they still want to see more of the Snyderverse. For now it is not known if the company intends to rescue several of the elements of this vision so as not to lose the thread with the viewers or if it will create soft-reboots to give life to a totally new version of these characters. Zack Snyder is busy with new sagas for Netflix, but nothing rules out another unexpected return to fulfill the second part of The Justice League by Zack Snyder, a story that was left unfinished and that proved to be a success when it premiered on HBO Max.


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