Henry Cavill confirms some very sad news for his fans

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popular british actor henry cavill has saddened his fans after confirming that the actor will not take one of his most popular projects on the small screen again.

Unfortunately, what had already been rumored weeks ago has happened; henry cavill will no longer be in the next season of ‘The Witcher’, so it is completely ruled out in his next projects.

Fans of the television series produced by Netflix There were quite a few mystified earlier this year when the show was renewed for Season 4, but without the actor playing the lead, as Henry Cavill left the role of the lead behind. Geralt of Rivia.

In his replacement, Australian actor Liam Hemsworth will be in charge of interpreting the character during the fourth season, the executive producer and showrunner Lauren Hissrich hopes the change will bring a new energy to the series of Netflix.

“What excites me is that we’re allowing this franchise to continue to grow and for us to get new energy and chemistry that we haven’t discovered yet,” he tells IGN. “And to me that’s part of the fun of television; You don’t know where exactly the adventure will end. So it’s something that excites me a lot.”

Despite this announcement, there are thousands of fans of the series who still hope to see henry cavill resuming his role. To his misfortune, he himself has confirmed that he will not return to the series due to “creative” disagreements, something that the actor is taking on a lot of importance when choosing which roles to take.

And you, did you expect to see the actor henry cavill in the new season of The Witcher?

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