Health withdraws 3 places of social service in the UAdeC

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Three places were withdrawn from the social service offer portfolio for doctors in training of the LX generation of the Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of Coahuila (UAdeC) Torreón Unit.

There are 114 young people in the seventh year who began their internship on August 1 of this year and will end on July 31, 2023, in different communities. Some of the places that were withdrawn are Lamadrid and Hércules, said the director of the Faculty, Salvador Chavarría Vázquez.

The doctor said that for this period of social service, dialogue was held with the ejidal, municipal and state authorities, in order to guarantee security strategies for young people, in addition to the fact that it was agreed that in some health centers no one will be assigned , but to two interns.

“For them to keep each other company or for them to have a period of stay or a period of return to their home and thus they would be doing a service in duality”, he affirmed.


Chavarría Vázquez clarified that at the Torreón Unit Faculty of Medicine, fortunately no complaints have been received due to insecurity issues. What they have documented, he indicated that they are accusations due to lack of infrastructure and supplies.

“Our complaints are because there is a lack of water, there is no hot water, the place where I stay is outside the unit, I have a lack of certain supplies to make sutures, that is what we have complaints about,” he said. He recalled that since 1936 the Social Service for medical interns was established, so this topic has several aspects of reflection.

“I have commented on it publicly, that to make a modification of social service, it is a legislative situation, it is an eminently Congressional situation to be able to make the modification, that form of the seventh year since 1936 is established, and that we should all put our hands the actors committed to making a modification, because if not, it is pressure situations that cause things to be temporarily modified,” he explained.

Chavarría Vázquez added that the Mexican Official Standard NOM-009-SSA3-2013, Health Education, is the closest to undergoing modifications since the rest is a constitutional issue.

On the other hand, the director indicated that there was a doctor who did not accept social service, since he considered that there was insecurity in the position he had been assigned. For this reason, he will not take the seventh year and will have to wait for a new opportunity in January 2023.

“The offer is made by the Ministry of Health putting the places, here the place is chosen by average, I don’t know where it should touch him, but he did not accept, the places are not granted, they are acquired as the place comes out and the average “, he exposed.


At the end of July of this year, doctors in training at the UAdeC Torreón Unit prepared a list of petitions.

* In which they asked the highest house of studies and the Secretary of Health of the state to improve conditions to carry out social service.

* They said that every six months places are offered that do not meet basic services such as electricity, drinking water, drainage, telephone signal, internet service or the minimum requirements for human resources, medicines and healing material included in the basic table and catalog of supplies.