Health employees “take over” offices in protest of unfair dismissals

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Employees of the Ministry of Health demonstrated and “took over” the administrative offices of the unit, accusing unjustified dismissals and other irregularities in the Directorate for Protection Against Sanitary Risks.

Norma Miriam Casas Fernández explained that 15 dismissals were recently applied and 30 employees were made available for demonstrating last December.

“In the first days of December we also asked for labor justice, since there were unoccupied codes that we could enter by rank. We signed agreements and it was said that those codes were going to be escalated and that we were going to have meetings with our administrative director Eduardo Sisniega and with Jorge Luis Reyna Reyes, who is the legal director.

“So we agreed that we were going to work; It turns out that on December 16 they issued dismissals to the personnel who were here from the Directorate for Protection Against Sanitary Risks, ”he explained.

They assured that some workers have more than 2 decades of service, for this reason they filed a lawsuit for unfair dismissal.

“We have already demanded unfair dismissal; The Ministry of Health has many lawsuits for unjustified dismissals,” he said.

The nonconformists assured that there is nepotism in the agency, since all the relatives of the bosses are on the payroll, in addition to cases of abuse of authority and workplace harassment.

“I have 25 years of service in the Ministry of Health and Jorge Luis Reyna Reyes fired me, when he does not have the power to do so,” added Casas Fernández.

He clarified that, although they “took” the administrative offices, the emergency and medical care areas continue to function.


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