He was the heartthrob of the time, ended up in oblivion and abandoning his son with autism

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Salvador Pineda triumphed in the cinema and on the big screen during the seventies as a leading man and as a villain. His strong character and great personality won the hearts of millions of viewers, but no one imagined that his attitude was not an act.

Gallant and villain

Pineda’s career grew when he shared credits with figures such as Andres Garcia Y Lucia Mendezwith whom he even had an affair that did not prosper, presumably because they were both very busy, although perhaps his particular vision of life had a lot to do with it.

In several interviews, Salvador made it clear that the family life It is not something that catches his attention, because despite having very beautiful women as partners, he was only twice interested in get marry. The first time when she was 17 years old, whose marriage only lasted two weeks and the second with a Venezuelan actress named Mayra Alejandra Rodriguezwith whom he was engaged when pregnant with his son Aarón Salvador, who suffers from autism.

Salvador Pineda never wanted to be a father

The scandal knocked on Pineda’s door again, when Pineda’s cousin Aaron Salvador requested help for a surgical intervention for stones in the bile ducts; However, Pineda refused to give him money and even hinted that perhaps it was time for his son’s life to come to an end.

However, a year later, luck gave Pineda a setback, because when he was in a restaurant he fractured his hip due to a fall. At first, Salvador was treated in a private hospital, but when his savings ran out he had to change hospitals.

They all turned their backs

Then the actor asked the National Association of Actors (ANDA), who refused to give him money for his medical expenses, such a situation increased the economic emergency in which Pineda found himself since the start of the pandemic.

Currently, the actor is in rehab to recover from the fall, but it is rumored that he is in serious financial problems, since he has not been able to rejoin the acting work.

Salvador Pineda has no family

It is worth mentioning that this is not the only son of Salvador Pineda, since it is believed that the actor fathered 10 children with different women, of whom he only legally recognized four, although he gave none of them maintenance.

Regarding Aarón Salvador, the current state of health of the young man is unknown, although it is known that he managed to obtain help from a foundation to carry out the operation and his family has not made any further statements on the subject.

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