He says that he is a time traveler who returned from 2090 and that on August 14 there will be an unprecedented catastrophe

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A chilling message. A man that claims to be a time traveler returning from 2090, warned that the next Sunday, August 14, a catastrophe will happen that will cost many lives. Believe or burst, in the networks they echoed this “adventurer” from another dimension and speculate what will happen.

It would be the “worst hurricane in the history” of humanity, as Kim Windell Nocos pointed out through his social networks, in the Facebook group timetravel, that brings together more than 45 thousand users. “Caveat. I am a time traveler and I come from 2090. On August 14, 2022 the worst hurricane in history will hit South Carolina [Estados Unidos]category 6. It will have a wind speed of more than 250 mph (thousands per hour) and will cause billions of damages and many lives will be lost around the world,” he said. And he noted: “Be safe”.

Kim Windell Nocos warned on Facebook of the worst hurricane in history.Facebook: Kim Windell Nocos

The speed of the winds of this particular phenomenon would exceed the levels of the Saffir–Simpson scale, which classifies cyclones according to their intensity, into 5 categories. The highest would date between 154 and 177 kilometers per hour and is classified as “highly destructive”.

The questioning of time travel and the fear of the worst catastrophe in history happening were manifested among the users of the social network. “If what he says really happens, it will be very sad and very traumatic. On the other hand, after this I will believe in time travelers”, expressed one.

Instead, the World Meteorological Organization determines that for next Sunday, the temperatures in the different cities of South Carolina (Columbia, Charleston, Rock Hill, among others) they will be around 30 and 33 degrees and it will be a very sunny day.

Thus, the “prediction” sparked the debate about whether cyclones can be anticipated. There are those who choose to believe and others who do not. Thus, last month this group also predicted a catastrophe in Chile, but this time it was a fish. With a length of 6 meters, they found it on the coast of the Chilean city of Arica. According to a Japanese myth, the fact of finding it means that an earthquake or cyclone will soon happen.

The Fisheries Development Institute (IFOP) reported that the animal It’s called oarfish and that belongs to the genus Regalecus, a class of large bony fish, which usually lives between 200 and 500 meters deep.

They captured a strange six-meter fish off the coast of Chile

This type of fish does not have scales, but a slimy silvery skin. In addition, the pectoral fins are barely distinguishable and the pelvic fins have the shape of oars, for which it was defined by that name among fishermen.

This belief, not proven by science, emerged in 2011, after the tsunami on the Japanese island of Honshu, off the Pacific coast, as oarfish were previously discovered on the shores. This fish is associated with a mythological sea serpent, which lived in the depths of the island of Japan and caused earthquakes when it emerged from its lair to the surface.

In addition to “paddle fish”, it was given the name of “messenger of the palace of the sea god”.