He left TV Azteca and Televisa to succeed in Hollywood, he returns 17 years later for a sad reason

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Of mexican cinema Several stars have been born who dabbled in novels and have managed to make the leap to Hollywood with series and movies. Some have lived abroad for a long time, but this actor returned after several years for a sad reason and that is that he will premiere his first film in honor of his late wife.

If something that abounds in Mexican show business are the so-called dynasties or clans, in this case the Bichir family. These three brothers have managed to succeed on television, being demian the one who has had appearances in the Hollywood industry, even managed to be nominated for an Oscar.

Since then, Demian Bichir has lived outside of Mexico for more than 15 years. He previously dedicated himself to being a leading man in soap operas in Aztec TV such as “Nothing personal” and “La otra mitad del sol”, hits from the Ajusco production house. And although today enjoy a new opportunity in love, The Mexican actor returned to our country for a sad reason.

Demián Bichir returns to Mexico with a new work and tribute to his wife

After being absent for a long time from his native country, Demián Bichir returned to Mexico after several years to pay tribute to Stefanie Sherk, his deceased wife. She was a Canadian model and actress who committed suicide in 2019 due to severe depression.

Demian Bichir decided to turn the pain of his loss into his first film and that is that the Mexican actor presented “A circus tale & a love song”, a film that turns out to be a tribute to his wife. The actor wrote and created a character dedicated to her, he even spoke for the first time about her death.

You learn to live with it… It will always be in my memory

The actor confessed Demian Bichirbecause he assures that his film was made with great love, because he will never stop loving his deceased wife

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