he left the field and did not say goodbye to the coach

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Cristiano Ronaldo walks towards the locker room after the match that Portugal beat Switzerland. (REUTERS/Peter Cziborra)

Everything that goes up has to go down. Y Cristiano Ronaldo in Qatar 2022 is the best example. During the last years, his decline was already clear: he had ceased to be a differential in the great moments for his teams (from Juventus to Manchester United and through the Portugal team). At last dates, he always depended on a structure that made him shine, contrary to what happened in his best days: it was his teams that depended on him being inspired. That story is over forever. It is time to accept it, because that is the trend: Cristiano will no longer be the same as before, even though he believes that he has the same abilities.

For many, it was tantamount to a sin to say that Ronaldo made his teams slower and more predictable. But today the hypothesis has been confirmed. Worst of all, for him, is that they put him in when the game had already been decided, as if to make two things clear: that he is no longer essential and that it would be a shame if he did not score a goal with a game in those conditions. And that was what happened. Leao, who also emerged from the substitute bench, was able to score in the time they gave him. All bad for Cristiano, who at the end of the game has thrown another tantrum again. He did not celebrate with his teammates and he did not say goodbye to the coaching staff either. In solitude he decided to go to the locker room.

Things were already bad for him. After being substituted against South Korea, he launched himself against his coach, Fernando Santos, in a few words that Portuguese television captured: “You’re in a fucking hurry to replace me, fuck you!”Christian said. The helmsman didn’t know it at the time, but he did later. “First, in the ‘flash’ interview, I didn’t hear anything. Later, I saw it on television and I didn’t like it at all. The problems are solved internally, it’s done, everyone is focused and available for the game this Tuesday. I give eleven in the stadium. It is always so. It’s a settled issue and everyone is available,” Santos said at a press conference, who ultimately decided not to take it into account in the initial team that faced Switzerland.

Now logic will follow its path: Ramos has to be the starter in the match against Morocco for the Quarterfinals. His three goals of the day against Switzerland ratify him as the new benchmark. And Fernando Santos, the coach, has already shown that he is not going to marry anyone. Whoever has to play will play because that is the best way to compete on a par with anyone in such a short tournament. Circumstances led him to use another striker and the replacement did not disappoint.

The irruption of Gonçalo Ramos has ended up burying the last traits of authenticity that CR7 brought to his team. By always wanting the spotlight, he ended up affecting the collective and that has been proven in the World Cup. If nothing exceptional happens, Cristiano Ronaldo will watch another game from the bench. And no one would find it strange anymore, no matter how many tantrums he throws. It is the end of an era and the whole world is witnessing it.


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