He is taking people he trusts – Luis Castillo

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REACOMODO, in the Arbitration Commission headed by Armando Archundia, as reported in these same pages by colleague David Medrano, after three months as head of the arbitrators managed to get the departures of Mauricio Morales, Quetzalli Alvarado and Fernando Santana authorized, who they were the arbitral instructors of said Commission.

Among the changes that will come, there would be the return of Antonio Marrufo Mendoza, who years ago was a fundamental part of the Arbitration Commission headed by Aarón Padilla and Héctor González Iñárritu, if the return of the former referee is confirmed, it would be a success of Archundia, since it is one of the elements that can help the arbitration crisis begin to ease.

In the Liga Expansión MX, Alfredo Peñaloza would become the new head of the Liga de Plata, as a collegiate he did not have a brilliant career, but he is one of Armando Archundia’s bets.

For the Premier League and TDP, the new manager will be Andrés Esquivel, who just a few months ago retired and was turned into arbitration advisor, one of his last performances took place in the Expansion League, when in a match between Correcaminos and Zacatecas he went viral asking for time to catch his breath after three counterattacks.

Beyond that scene that can be even anecdotal, he will have the great job of giving meaning and vision to the new arbitration generations and above all cleaning up two categories where his predecessor was involved in alleged acts of corruption.

As for the MX Women’s League that Quetzalli Alvarado leaves, the place will be occupied by César Moreno Roa, who mysteriously remains within the Commission and who will now have the task of arbitrating a League that grows day by day.

Finally, Archundia is managing to bring in people he trusts and will have to give results to definitely be able to change the status of Mexican arbitration.

It is true that the instructors who recently left their posts did not meet expectations and in the particular case of Mauricio Morales Ovalle he leaves a whole whiff of influence peddling, cronyism and cronyism, Archundia’s worst mistake is to continue down that path; For now, the arbitration circle is already condemning the fact that he has brought his brother Miguel Ángel and his compadre Antonio López Chávez into the arbitration structure.

STRENGTHEN substantive arbitration, with the change of instructors arbitration will not come out of the crisis in which it is sunk, a refoundation of arbitration is needed, from the bases and stop creating express arbitrators, or for the simple fact of taking a course arbitration to profile itself to professionalism, nowadays arbitration needs a professionalization, and professionalization has nothing to do with the salary that the referees earn, also in the preparation.

It is necessary that from the highest leadership of the Mexican Soccer Federation they manage to find the right paths so that they can reverse this situation.