he confuses a thermometer with a pregnancy test and claims his partner

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Photo: TikTok video capture via @morenodii

The TikTok user @morenodii shared a video on January 5 in which she showed the moment in which you can see how she complained to her partner because she confused an electronic thermometer with a pregnancy test.

“I found a pregnancy test among my husband’s personal things,” she titled the video in which you can see a conversation on WhatsApp in which she sends a photograph of the thermometer to her partner.

In addition to an audio in which he claims: “whose pregnancy test is that, dog?”, so the man answers, mocking: “it’s a thermometer.”

The woman responded with another message in which she laughs out loud and immediately mentions: “My poison comes out later, later”, and then threatens him: “you better, I said: ‘that’s not mine'”.

Her partner also replied: “Now I’m going to upload you to Facebook, old toxic woman,” and then added, “I was going to tell you that if you want to leave me, what do you think, I’m pregnant.”

In the comments, the woman explained that her sister-in-law had lent her husband the thermometer that caused his confusion.

Several people reacted amused by what happened: “I realized it was a thermometer because he said so, otherwise I still believe it’s a test”, “my toxic side also saw a test”, “one always wants to make a mess and doesn’t it comes out to us”, “how to measure the level of toxicity of a woman: with a thermometer”, “you only saw her shape and said, ‘we are going to fart her”.

Finally, the woman published another video in which she reflected with humor: “This day I laughed, I cried, but above all, I ma&%”.


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