Guido’s transformation, 14kg less: diet and training

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    Guido Holzstein believes that the great physical transformations are born from the heart. This 43-year-old Argentine personal trainer wasn’t always in such good shape… He tells us.

    Like many people, I got into this situation for emotional reasons. One begins to eat looking perhaps for immediate pleasure in foods such as ice cream, cakes, pizzas, beer, wine and processed foods high in fat and carbohydrates. In turn I cut training and after a year I already had 14kg more and had lost muscle mass, strength, endurance and aerobic fitness, my cholesterol was over 210, my testosterone had dropped… I came to weigh almost 90kg at 38 years old with 1.75 meters and 25% body fatI had no energy and could barely climb stairs (currently my body fat index is 9%).

    One day I said “I’ve come this far” and resumed with a training plan and a diet program. I have been a coach for more than 20 years and I believe that leading by example is the best and only way to influence people.

    My diet for a year was pizza, pasta, ice cream, beer, sweets of all kinds, beer, wine and snacks. The diet that I used for my change was about 150g of protein a day, 100g of carbohydrates and 40g of fat (about 1360Kcal total) Currently I maintain about 2000 Kcal and I follow a vegetarian diet, dominated by eggs, low-fat cheeses, veggie burgers, non-GMO soy, and whey protein powder as sources of protein and I consume oats, rice, sweet potatoes, fruits and green leaves as carbohydrates and some nuts and egg yolk as a source of fat, in addition to drinking 3 liters of water per day. I do not consume flour, sugar or soft drinks. Neither meat, chicken or fish, being a vegetarian.

    I started training at 13 years old Since I was extremely thin and my schoolmates made fun of me, at the age of 18 I became the Argentine sub champion in Junior bodybuilding. At 38 years old it was the longest period that I stopped training for almost a year and a half and completely get out of healthy eating. My current training consists of a 5-day routine, where I train each muscle group 1 time a week – Day 1 Back and Pectorals, Day 2 Quadriceps, hamstrings and adductors, Day 3 Biceps and triceps, Day 4 Abdomen and calves and Day 5 Shoulders and trapezius. I perform approximately 12 series per muscle group of between 8 and 13 reps (Abdomen and calves I work with series of 20 reps) For the fat loss process I did a cardio session of 35 min a day (generally inclined treadmill at 6km p/h and a heart rate of 135 bpm9). Nowadays I only do a 60 min session of cardio once a week.

    Currently my goal is to stay as I was during this summer (possibly below 10% body fat) and in March start a volume phase with a little more food looking to move more weight in training.

    Behind all my transformations there was always a story, at 13 years old when I couldn’t stand the bullying at school anymore, at 17 when I decided to compete in Bodybuilding and aspired to be the best and also at 38 when, due to stumbling blocks from the life hit bottom and I felt it was time to make that important change to feel better and be able to inspire other people by leading by example. Like I always say, the deepest changes are born in the heart.

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