Groundhog steals harvest and eats it in front of the farmer’s security camera- Uno TV

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Groundhog steals harvest
This crop-stealing groundhog was caught on video and he didn’t care. | Photo: Internet.

A farmer in the United States whose orchard was being destroyed by a “plague” discovered that the culprit was a groundhog steals crops and “scoundrel”, because not only he ate the vegetables from his garden, but also I did it in front of the camerawhich later led her to become viral on the internet.

Jeff Permar, an American farmer who decided to grow his own food in his backyard, noticed some of his crops mysteriously disappearing while others were being nibbled on by what he thought was a pest. Therefore, he decided to install a security camera.

“A while ago, we realized that our garden was under attack and we were very upset. So we set up a camera to see what it could be. Then this guy ‘Chunk’ showed up and we were shocked at how amazing he was!” Perman said on his YouTube channel.

Thanks to the cameras the farmer discovered that the person responsible for the disaster in his orchard was a Groundhog steal cropswhich did not mind being recorded, since In addition to stealing the crops, she enjoyed eating them in front of the Permar’s camera.

After his discovery, Jeff decided to forget about any annoyance against the “gentle thief” and chose to adopt her to make her an internet celebrity, and now the groundhog, who was baptized as “crunk” He has his own YouTube channel and official social media accounts, where he shares different videos in which you can see the exploits of this “sweet food stealer” who continues to enjoy his food in front of the farmer’s cameras.

However, the story does not end there, since, over time, “Chunk” brought his friends to share the food that Jeff brings to the table, and now, they are also part of the show.