Grandpa gives a concert at the Fresnillo National Fair and nobody goes

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Grandpa gives a concert at the Fresnillo National Fair 2022 and nobody goes
Don Rogelio Veyna went viral on social networks. Photo: Gettyimages (Illustrative).

The history of Don Roger Veyna made viral in social networksafter offering a concert in the Fresnillo National Fair (Fenafre 2022)which had as public only five people, causing the anger of the netizens, who criticized the lack of support for the older adults.

In the recording that circulates in social networks What YouTube, Facebook, Twitter Y TikTok, It can be seen that, despite the fact that no one or almost no one went to see his presentation, Don Rogelio Veyna, known as “The Mostrenco”, he sang at the top of his lungs, a performance with which he earned the respect of local authorities and of singer Gerardo Ortiz.

Gerardo Ortíz compensates Don’s performance Roger Veyna on the Fresnill National Fairor 2022

once done viral the sad presentation, it was the same Gerardo Ortiz who contactedThe Mostrenco” to open one of his concerts in the state, news that was confirmed in the social networks of the municipal president of Fresnillo, Saul Monreal Avila.

It was thus that the promise of Gerardo Ortiz was fulfilled and Don Roger Veyna sang hand in hand with the singer of regional mexican music the theme of Divine womeninterpreted by Vicente Fernandez.