Governance Issues | Labor co-responsibility, medicine to make better people

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Ramon Cuevas Martinez

Violence creates more social problems than it solves.

Martin Luther King

The National Human Rights Commission establishes that co-responsibility refers to men and women being equally responsible for domestic tasks, as well as for the care and attention of dependent people.

Co-responsibility allows women to exercise their right to participate in working life and in decision-making to the same extent as men, with the necessary involvement of men in domestic and family tasks.

In Mexico, working hours are quite long, and they were even during the pandemic.

On average, Mexicans work 2,124 hours a year, 437 hours more than the average of the member countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), which is 1,687 hours, preventing Mexicans from attending to their family responsibilities. According to COPARMEX data, 23% more hours are worked in Mexico.

The other four countries with the most working hours on average are Costa Rica (2,060 hours per year), South Korea (1,967), Russia (1,965), and Greece (1,949). For their part, the countries with the fewest average hours of work are Denmark (1,380), Norway (1,384), Germany (1,386), the Netherlands (1,434), and Sweden (1,452). All of the latter are economies of the first order.

It is fully diagnosed that the absence of co-responsibility between work and personal life causes infants, whose parents or guardians are unable to dedicate the attention they need due to long working hours, develop insecurity due to lack of parental models, low self-esteem , difficulty managing their affectivity and emotions, sadness, depression, lack of interest in everything, demotivation, in addition to lack of sleep, and having fast and insufficient breakfasts for their development, which leads to school failure and dropout.

One of the most worrying effects of the non-presence of adults of productive age in the home is the lack of control of children in the harmful use of the media (television), video games and new technologies. (Internet and social networks), since adult supervision is necessary to prevent them from receiving inappropriate content for their age.

Co-responsibility must transcend and become part of the State with the design of care policies, as well as work centers that establish labor schemes that allow the conciliation between family and work.

Co-responsibility is linked to gender equality in the workplace, so companies can help promote it through specific measures and affirmative actions.

Some examples to establish co-responsibility are flexible working hours or with the possibility of telecommuting, working by objectives and results, and not by the number of hours worked. Also grant the same promotion opportunities, regardless of the worker’s gender, and incorporate equality plans in companies.

As a tool for this to happen, we have the Mexican Standard NMX-R-025-SCFI-2015 on Labor Equality and Non-Discrimination, unfortunately of optional implementation.

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