Governance and social welfare are a priority: Segob

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The Ministry of the Interior (Segob) carried out various actions that promote governability in the 217 municipalities of the entity.

For this reason, as part of the actions of the Fourth Government Report, in an exercise to guarantee the equality and inclusion of indigenous communities and people, the Civil Registry of the State of Persons inaugurated three courts in the Nahuatl language in the municipality of Tlaola, in Totonac in Tepango de Rodríguez and Mazateco in Zoquitlán, where to date they have made 785 records and extracts in indigenous languages; In addition, birth certificates have been issued in Nahuatl, Totonac, Otomí, Mazateco and Popoloca in 61 Courts of the Registry of the Civil Status of Persons.

Through the Land Tenure and Population Directorate, the agency granted 3,077 property titles, as part of the Program for the Regularization of Rustic, Urban, and Suburban Land in the Private Property Regime, which allowed legal certainty and guaranteed the family patrimony of 12,308 people, including Mexican migrants living abroad, and different representatives of indigenous communities; In addition, it regularized 69 properties for Public Services such as the “Zaragoza” Olympic Stadium, the “Venustiano Carranza” Market, the “Santa Inés” Park, as well as the Puebla Zócalo plank, which benefited 4,665,295 people. .

To attend to and guarantee a life free of violence for girls, adolescents and women, the Segob signed 27 collaboration agreements, from 50 municipalities that have a Gender Violence Alert Declaration in the state, with the aim of training the servants municipal public offices, in addition to providing guidance, assistance, legal representation, and holding workshops on fundamental rights and gender equality; Likewise, it installed the Technical Institutional Coordination Table to Promote Access to Justice and Comprehensive Care for State Women and Girls, whose objective is coordination between the three levels of Government to monitor compliance with the measures and principles in matters of protection, care, punishment and eradication of violence against women, where Puebla has been the entity with the greatest positive results in the prevention, care and eradication of gender violence.

Through the State Executive Commission for Attention to Victims, this administration registered 1,065 victims of common crime and 24 victims of human rights violations; In addition, through the Directorate for Immediate Assistance to Victims, it initiated 1,872 files to which 1,817 psychological care sessions, 1,895 legal orientations, 4,860 social work efforts and 764 aid measures were granted. To guarantee access to justice, the State Executive Commission for Attention to Victims was created, an organization that attends to victims of crime and Human Rights violations; Likewise, it issued the First Protocol in the entity to Comprehensively Care and Reparation for Women Victims of Crime for Gender reasons.

The agency carried out a training day for mayors, on Human Rights, governance protocols, gender perspective, political violence against women, political-electoral rights and crimes in electoral matters.

To promote compliance with human rights and combat inequalities, the Ministry of the Interior held the First International Congress on Human Rights: Puebla 2022, where they gave master lectures, dialogue tables in which 58 specialists in the field participated as judges. , academics, and human rights defenders from various countries, with a total of 5,903 attendees from Mexico, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Germany, and Honduras.

In response to the phenomenon of disappearance of persons, the agency convened meetings with members of the Citizen Council of the Commission for the Search for Persons of the State of Puebla with relatives of disappeared persons and experts in the matter, to strengthen the work plans and coordination in prevention and care; Similarly, in the interior of the state, the government administration set up People Search Cells in 214 municipalities where they trained 285 public servants from state institutions and different federal entities in search matters.

To strengthen the culture of prevention, reaction and self-protection, the General Coordination of State Civil Protection carried out the first macro drill of the Popocatépetl Volcano in Puebla, as part of the Annual Program of Drills for the Popocatépetl Volcano, in which they carried out three partial exercises and one on a large scale, where 129 thousand 916 inhabitants of the 66 localities considered at risk, participated constantly.

With the objective of mitigating the effects of the winter season, the State Government implemented the Safe Dormitory Program in 65 municipalities that register the lowest temperatures in said season, which benefit approximately 3,900 people from the regions of the valleys of Atlixco and Matamoros, Serdán-Central Valleys, Angelópolis, North, Northeast and Black mountains.

The state administration does not recognize borders, which is why the Puebla Institute for Migrant Assistance (IPAM) managed to resume the “Juntos Otra Vez” program, with which eleven girls, boys and adolescents, children of Pueblanos born in North America, were able to visit their roots from Puebla, living with their relatives, as well as getting to know the gastronomy and culture of the communities of origin of their parents. On the other hand, 27 older adults were also benefited by being able to visit their migrant children who live in the United States, with which 76 families were favored.

In support of returning migrants from Puebla, the State Government delivered in 2022 financial support to 86 men and women from Puebla as part of the Emprende Migrant Program, in which one million 812 thousand pesos were invested, support destined to start their own business , to be able to be self-employed and thus guarantee their well-being, personal development and that of their community. Similarly, through the cooperation of Mi Casa es Puebla, IPAM inaugurated the indigenous attention window in the United States, which offers translation services in Nahuatl and Popoloca in the United States, which contributes to the preservation of languages natives.

To strengthen the participation between society and the Government, they set up Citizen Participation Councils, as bodies of promotion and social management where they developed 22 work groups with the participation of 103 municipalities; In addition, through the Distance Education Program of the National Council to Prevent Discrimination (Conapred), they provided training on the right to equality and non-discrimination to 5,707 public servants from seventeen dependencies of the State Public Administration; Also, 1,333 public officials received information on culture of legality and human rights.

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