Gordo de Navidad National Lottery, what is the biggest prize

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The Christmas Jackpot Draw is one of those who does every year the National lottery, It is celebrated on December 24 and in which 80 thousand winning numbers participate for an accumulated bag of 403 million pesos. These are divided into four series with a total of 16,722 different prizes and refunds.

One of the traditional year-end raffles, the Gordo de Navidad, is one of the most anticipated among Mexicans. To participate you must buy a piece or series, and wait for the winning numbers that will be announced on December 24, 2022.

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How much does it cost to play in the Christmas Jackpot Draw?

If you want to participate in the Christmas raffle you must buy at least one piece or, if applicable, a series, these are the prices:

  • Cost of a little piece: 120 pesos.
  • Cost of a series (20 little pieces): 2 thousand 400 pesos.
  • Cost of two series (40 little pieces): 4 thousand 800 pesos.
  • Cost of 3 series (60 little pieces): 7 thousand 200 pesos.
  • Cost of four series (80 little pieces): 9 thousand 600 pesos.

How much are the prizes for the Christmas Jackpot Draw?

For those who are going to participate in this raffle, there are good chances, since one in five wins.

  • For those who purchased 4 series of the Christmas Gordo Draw, they have the possibility of winning the jackpot of 204 million pesos.
  • For those who acquired 2 draw series they can win up to 102 million pesos.
  • For those who purchased a draw series, they can win up to 51 million pesos.
  • And if you only bought a piece of the draw, you can win up to 2 million 550 thousand pesos.

There are different types of prizes to win this raffle:

  • The direct ones: in this raffle around 697 direct prizes are delivered.
  • By approximation: there are about 99 numbers that can be winners because they belong to the same hundred leading digits.
  • By termination: these are the ones whose last 4, 3 or 2 digits are the same as those who won the two main prizes.
  • Refunds: these are determined if the last digit is equal to one of the jackpot, or the second or third prize.

To check if you were one of the winners, you can check it the day after the Christmas Fat Draw to check if your little one was one of the ones with prizes, from the following link. Or, if applicable, at one of the National Lottery outlets.

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