‘God has another way for me’ Halftime

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The novel by Santiago Giménezthe Mexican team and the World Cup Qatar 2022 ended this Monday, after the Argentine coach Gerardo Martino unveiled the final calland in which the footballer does not appear emerged from the basic forces of Cruz Azul.

And it is that in recent months and since his arrival at netherlands soccerthe 21-year-old soccer player generated much expectation with their actions, causing public opinion turned in his favor to be on Tata’s final list.

I know that God has prepared a path for me and I am calm in that part. said in an interview for halftime the Feyenoord striker, who since 2019 has embraced faith and led his personal and professional life hand in hand with a relationship with God.

“Calmly, I’m quiet. I know that people and the media can express themselves. In the end I take it easy. I have felt the support of the people and that has motivated me a lot to give my best and just try to show who I really am”.

a matter of faith

Santi it was baptized in January 2019 in a hotel south of Mexico City by who was then his partner in La Maquina, Igor Lichnovsky. That decision, he pointed out, changed his life because in the labor field he began to do better, winning minutes and the championship in Cruz Azul, called to theMexican team and his arrival athe football of the Old Continent.

“Totally (changed his life), all glory to God. I know I’m in his hands I know that I am on the right track and that helps you a lot both in good times and in bad. It has helped me focus on what I like the most, which is soccer, and on my purpose,” Giménez said.

“For me it is a before and after, it’s a new birth because having Jesus in my heart has made me see life differently. It has made me love my neighbor in an inexplicable way, because in the end it is not so much the words that make you follow Jesus but the actions”.

Santiago Gimenez became news in recent days, because the daddy assured that one of the points for not taking it to the World Cup is that I didn’t have many minutes with Feyenoord. This justification caused criticism to rain down on the national coach, who decided to Rogelio Funes Mori, Henry Martin and Raul Jimenez to lead the offensive of the Mexican team.


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