“Go away”: AriGameplays was harassed by a subject in full live broadcast

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An embarrassing and uncomfortable moment lived the Mexican streamer AriGameplays after a subject harassed her for several minutes while she was on the beach with her friends, despite the fact that she asked him to leave or stay away from her, the subject insisted and remained in the place for several minutes.

It was during one of his transmissions when unexpectedly a drunken man appeared out of nowhere and asked if he could stay with her even though the royal asked him to leave, he did. ignoreso that in most of the video she is uncomfortable, since although the young man did not appear in the frame, she was looking at him just a few centimeters from her.

During the recording it is observed that the boy, who was dressed a bathing suit in black with red, he approaches and introduces himself as Héctor, he also had a drink in his hand, the streamer immediately realized that he was going towards her and invited him to send a greeting, being friendly.

“A pleasure”he said after he introduced himself as a way to end the conversation but he did not leave and told him “here we are in Cancun”, while an uncomfortable silence took over the moment; “Well, I’m out of here. Yes? Ok”, but He did not leave despite Ari repeating that he did not want him to stay on the site.

It’s just that I’m in my fart,” said the subject to which Ari replied “It was nice to meet you”, “I’m leaving right now, I’m leaving right now. I’m going to take this and that’s it, ”the subject repeated and ended up staying close to her. So moments later, she Ari told him that she was married to Juan the young man, she commented, “No way” and later she Ari told him directly to leave her.

“Go away,” she said, “No. Do you dislike me, Ari?” he replied, “No, but I don’t want it to be misunderstood. Guy, I come with my friends “and the boy’s imprudence did not end there because he pointed out that he was quite drunk,”I’m fine fart and that’s it. I’m drunk and that’s it.”

Finally, and given the subject’s refusal to move away from the broadcast, Ari ended up moving to get away from the intruder in his broadcast, once he took his distance, he asked his followers not to worry, but in order not to leave the issue unfinished, he published on Twitter a message about it.

Little reminder: NO is NO.”.


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