Gloria Trevi surprises with a Hawaiian look and they fill her with praise

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The style and eccentricity that characterize Gloria Trevi the networks exploded, after uploading a photograph to his Instagram where he wore a Hawaiian suit, full of flowers on top, in addition to which you could see his strong abdomen and a very unique pose with his arms outstretched, ready for a hip movement.

The 54-year-old interpreter shows off her figure with a suit very much in keeping with her new album. With a skirt of golden fringes that is supported by a headband of small pompoms, a silver net that covers the center of her firm stomach, decorated with starfish, in addition to wearing a top full of shiny stones; but what gave it the tropical touch was a necklace of colorful flowers that also had rhinestones, all this clothing made the fountain He will steal sighs from his fans.

A few minutes after uploading the image where he thanks his fans for attending his show in Denversinger received compliments from his followers like “I love how you put shine on everything, even the flowers”, “Forever GODDESS OF THE NIGHT” and “the coolest” among others that highlighted her beauty.

after the tour Divine Island World Tourthe singer has had different presentations in more than 20 counties of USAwhere he has given spectacular concerts, singing classics such as “Todos me miran” and “Cinco Minutos”, which beyond impressing with his great voice, the show with professional dancers, lights, visual effects and changes of look make the a singer sexier than ever.

Her album released in April of this year, with a style different from what has been heard from the singer-songwriter, has chords that take you back to the beach for being caribbean soundsespecially the song “Sube”, that is why on his tour he has used resources that make allusion to the sea. And thanks to that we can enjoy the singer with her Hawaiian look where her marked curves stand out.


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