Girl cries over antibacterial gel prank gift her family gave her: video

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Girl Christmas Gift
The girl’s gift was part of a prank. Photo: Getty Images.

The Christmas and the holidays are a time to share and receive happinessalthough this, on some occasions, does not have the same meaning for everyone, as was the case with a girl who did not receive a gift in the best way as a joke from his family.

Via TikTokthe user @paleriaidk shared the moment when a family made a gift delivery, but when it was a girl’s turnwhich would be his younger sister, the reaction was not laughable.

“An antibacterial gel!”

A Barbie!”, “what is it?”, was what the family said while the girl was preparing to open the box with the “mysterious” content, but the disappointment came when removing all the paper that was on it.

A antibacterial gel!”, said a woman when the minor finally discovered what was inside the cardboard box.

At first he showed it to his family, but when she made a disgusted face everyone started laughing, which caused the girl to cry. Seeing the minor’s reaction, they told her it was a joke gift and immediately gave her the real one.

“Children don’t know about these jokes, they get excited”

The reactions of the users of social networks did not wait for the video, which has more than 1.5 million views:

  • Children do not know about these jokes, they get excited
  • And then they wonder why you don’t want to spend Christmas with your family
  • Nothing like the video of the boy who gets excited about a banana

Days later, in the same profile of TikTokthe user uploaded another video showing what his sister received in the end and clarifying that the girl knew that there were joke gifts and still wanted to play with the family.

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