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The arrival of the has left as evidence how important it is to maintain an adequate , after a high number of cases of chronic stress, anxiety, etc. in thousands of Peruvian men and women. In this sense, an epidemiological study of the (INSM) of (Minsa) revealed that in the capital 52.2% of the population of suffer from moderate to severe stress in 2021 and that only 12% of the population has access to receive some type of treatment.

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These negative statistics, along with her life experiences and studies, made María Fe Maldonado create , a digital model to improve emotional well-being of people that adjusts to their rhythm and time, thanks to a simple work methodology.

My purpose is to share experience and knowledge so that more people find the path of emotional and psychological well-being. What do they seek. Estar Mejor is a tool that allows that. It is not psychological therapy, it is a different methodology: digital, accessible to all. It is the first step to reach psychological well-being”, comments María Fe Maldonado.

Estar Mejor has a fleet of recognized specialists in the world of . With the help of María Fe, they have developed 6 programs in which they work: anxiety management, happiness development, improving the relationship between couples, helping to go through the grieving process, improving self-esteem and how to overcome a separation.

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This model starts with the selection of the program. Next, you will have an initial session with a psychologist, to give way to orientation and self-analysis videos based on psychoanalytic current, interactive, where the patient will learn personal tools and relevant knowledge to face daily emotional adversities in a more proactive and efficient way. . The same as people will be able to reproduce a kind of “therapeutic series” in which patients will be able to work on their emotional discomfort and watch unlimited videos”, comments the creator of Estar Mejor.