Get to know the house with a fairy tale design to disconnect

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Furor, passion and practicality are unleashing them premade houses in these post-pandemic times and its characteristics are capable of generating the conditions to enjoy cheap, fast, efficient construction, sustainableeco friendly and transportable; which without a doubt has generated that they are destroying traditional homes in relation to the number of sales and the projection of new models and innovation. Sizes, materials, models and styles in overwhelming quantities and capable of satisfy the demands and needs of all sectors of the population, so this time we analyze in depth a model that is unleashing a revolution thanks to its capacity as a nomadic house and its style unmistakable.

a perfect tiny house that departs from the traditional and seeks an unusual and unforgettable trip, called home mother Eve “Mother Eva” with a particularly striking design, which is perfectly complemented by its masterful location. A decorative style that makes it the envy of houses of fairies and that is located in the desert of the state of Utah in North American territory, with a full capacity to be rented as a vacation home in the same way as the Boho View house offers its incredible charms and great advantages. Let’s meet her!

The Fairy Tale Mini Prefab House

An immediate trip to a fantasy world where the theme has a perfect style to story of fairies and where it is possible to recall or create your own science fiction environment. Its design allows the house to be classified with the adjective “colorful” and “peculiar” while you can ensure that its design is more than unbeatable. So it is simply a construction that immediately calls and invites you to fall into its charms and where the Magic takes over your mind, with the intention of getting disconnect and rest from the hustle and bustle of the cities.

East incredible design is also capable of taking over its external area where a bathtub with a whirlpool that allows you to achieve an excellent degree of relaxation while enjoying the views towards nature, which added to its large porch creates an atmosphere of perfect communion with the environment natural reigning and where the modular house fits perfectly into Zion Park, which is part of a nature reserve where waterfalls and trails abound and which is indeed a great Airbnb bet.

A themed house, colorful and functional to the extreme

According to information provided by the company itself airbnbthe name chosen for this mini House modular It makes honorable reference to the first woman mentioned by the bible and where living in it represents all possible comforts but with the theme of a perfect fairy tale. A description that has been part of the vast majority of occupants who have managed to have happiness and the opportunity to enjoy it.

Vivid and cheerful colors make up the first impression you can get of your designwhere its exterior is completely dominated by a mint green color that achieves a great combination with purple and beige, in addition to offering the benches and chairs of the terrace in the same color tone. Listed as a loft to which they have incorporated a lot of comfort thanks to spaces with functions such as living room, kitchen, bathroom with shower and that has the added bonus of giving oneself completely equipped and furnishedwhere appliances and electronic elements are present and where its peculiar format of arched main door made of wood with magnificent windows are ideal to provide an aspect of a mini forest house.

comfort household appliances nature

Not cheap accommodation, but unforgettable

Due to the high demand Since it is far from the final destination, it is possible that the price may seem high and there are possibilities that vary from $350 to $400 on average and depending on the reservation date. A reservation what can you do so on-line from the official Airbnb website from the comfort and safety of your home.

Both the stay and the indicated price include the implements basics for the kitchen, as well as a whole range of home appliances so that the enjoyment is as pleasant as possible, all with the inclusion of detergents and disposables, without forgetting drinking water and everything related to towels and personal cleaning items. With the condition of being a site 100% tobacco smoke free and where it is impossible to have parties or bring pets and not wear shoes inside the house in order to avoid ruining the white carpets.

tiny house ecological bathroom

A mini house that is beautiful, modular and comfortable

The closest thing to a fairy tale with the necessary technological conveniences current, as well as respectful to the maximum with the natural environment that surrounds it and with the planet in general. Both in its internal zone and in its external part it is full of comfortwhich makes it a popular choice for disconnect for a weekend without getting away from what is necessary, since it maintains an internet connection through a Wi-Fi network, as well as Netflix and even a bathtub capable of pampering your body through hydromassages.

So if you are a lover of fairy tales and want a comfortable room With heating and air conditioning, as well as a hair dryer included and a kitchen with all appliances, this is your most optimistic option; In addition to enjoying a place natural incomparable and to maintain the certainty of achieving relaxation and rest for a few days while not producing any type of negative impact on the environment.