Get 12 free games for Nintendo Switch with this great Christmas promo

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Today a new and interesting announcement has been shared that is directly related to Nintendo. In this case, we are talking about news focused on the developer No Gravity Games, which has launched a huge promotion in the Switch eShop.

Specifically, it is a promotion that It has started today December 5 and lasts until December 16. Every day we have a free game available on the Nintendo Switch eShop, although they can only be downloaded for free from the American eShop (you have our tutorial to access the eShop from another territory here).

It is also necessary to have downloaded at least one game of No Gravity Games with the same account and the discounts work in a chain, so you can only download a game for free if you have downloaded the previous ones before. Each discount lasts 24 hours, but if you have missed a previous discount you can download it at a discount anyway. In addition, you can get Pirates: All Aboard for free so that it counts as a game downloaded from the company and take advantage of the promo if you subscribe to the company’s newsletter; you have more information about the newsletter here.

The promotional games appear on their discount day with a 100% discount. These are the first three confirmed games:

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