Georgia sheepdog fights and kills 8 coyotes to defend his sheep; he ended up with serious injuries | News from Mexico

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GEORGIA.- A Shepherd dog is recovering from injuries sustained after face a pack of coyoteskilling eight of them, while protecting his sheep.

Casper, a sheepdog from John Wierwiller’s farm in Georgia, fought against more than half a dozen coyotes in a fight that lasted more than half an hour, reported WAGA-TV.

Wierwiller says that Casper disappeared for two days after the brutal fight.

We knew he was injured because we found parts of his tail, blood and other things, so we were worried,” Wierwiller said.

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Casper, a hero with four legs and many teeth

Casper eventually returned to the farm with visible injuries.

“He was looking at me like, ‘Stop looking at how bad I look, just take care of me,’” Wierwiller said.

The owner said it “looked like a coyote grabbed his skin and ripped it off.”

The Animal LifeLine Projectan organization with the mission of end the euthanasia of healthy animalshas stepped in to help raise money for Casper’s hospital bills, mentions Fox News.

The group launched a GoFundMe to cover the $15,000 hospital bill, already exceeding his goal. It has been reported that he will use the remaining funds to help save future animal lives.

With information from Fox News.

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