Gamers Report McDonalds Is Recycling Toys in the Super Mario Bros. Movie Happy Meal

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For a few weeks the toys of Super Mario Bros. the Movie are available in the McDonalds Happy Meal in Mexico and Latin America, since the plumber’s tape was going to be released around the world around this time. Everything seemed to be going well with the collection, until some players reported on social networks some similarities between the new toys and those of a 2014 collection.

Through social networks, those who have purchased their Happy Meal have pointed out the similarities of a specific figure: Mario coming out of a pipe. As you can see in the image below, both figures show us the famous plumber coming out of a classic pipe with his victory pose; some variations in Mario’s color and face but in general we could say that he is the same figure.

Mario 2014 vs. Mario 2022

On the right side of the image we have Mario from the collection that Nintendo and McDonalds launched in 2014, which included other characters from the universe of Super Mario Bros. like Yoshi, Toad and Donkey Kong. While on the left side we have Mario from Super Mario. bros the movie with a bigger face and similar to the one that Illumination has created.

Mario Happy Meal Mcdonalds 2

Mario out of the pipe 2018

And if the above were not enough, some users point out that the same version of Mario had already been used in a collection of both brands in 2018. On that occasion, the toys celebrated the history of Mario in games like the first Super Mario Bros., New Super Mario Bros. U Y Super Mario Odyssey.

Given the number of comments that began to appear online, some gamers started looking for more similarities, and the latest pointing was for the Donkey Kong from 2014 and 2022. While there is a clear difference in character design, especially since the movie version is new, collectors complain that the same mold has been used for the toy… although here we believe that they are exaggerating.

Mario Mcdonalds Happy Meal

Donkey Kong 2014 vs. Donkey Kong 2022

the collection of Super Mario Bros. at McDonald’s it could be withdrawn in January 2023 after one month of availability. Super Mario Bros. the Movie will be released on April 7.

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