Gabriel Soto confirms that Irina Baeva went on a trip alone after canceling her wedding

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Gabriel Soto / Mexico Agency

Irina Baeva and Gabriel Soto continue to give something to talk about after the couple decided to cancel their wedding, at least this year, due to the Mexican’s work commitments and the war between Ukraine and Russia, which prevented the actress’s family from traveling to Mexico.

Despite the fact that the artists explained that their relationship continues without problems, rumors recently emerged regarding a possible breakup as a result of the fact that the Russian was caught going on vacation without her fiancé, so it is he who decided to speak to the press to clarify this situation.

“A note came out that I think said that Irina went on a trip without me. Yes, he went on a trip without me because I am working, I am recording the novel ‘Los camino del amor’, in fact, they gave me permission to go and do this campaign because I had already agreed, it was already negotiated, “explained the artist during his meeting with the press.

Later, Gabriel revealed the destination that Irina chose for her vacation. “She is on a trip, she went to see her parents, so don’t speculate, everything is perfect. I was going to start recording a novel, she had more than 3 years without seeing her family. She then told me ‘you are going to be recording, you are going to Mérida, I want to see my parents, I miss them, I need them’, and there is Instagram where she is ”.

Irina Baeva with Gabriel Soto / Mexico Agency

Irina Baeva with Gabriel Soto / Mexico Agency

Likewise, Soto denied that Baeva is in danger for traveling to Russia. “No, not at all, everything is fine, the conflict is not close to where she is. She and her family are fine, she just went to see them because she missed them, because she hadn’t seen them for more than 3 years, so she obviously wanted to go see them.”

However, returning to the topic of a tentative wedding date, the interpreter only said: “Let me first finish the novel and go back to the plans, to see what we can do.”

Before leaving the place, Gabriel Soto denied that he was seeking Russian nationality when he married Irina. “Nerd. It could if I could ask, but marrying her doesn’t make you Russian, no, no.”


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