Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva would be separated and the alleged reasons for the break are revealed

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Irina Baeva with Gabriel Soto / Mexico Agency

Despite the fact that Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva have been in charge of denying their sentimental breakup on different occasions, according to the program come joyin the next few days the famous couple will make their final separation official.

In the TV Azteca morning paper it was revealed that the newsroom received the information that revealed the true reasons that caused the breaking of the marital commitment of the artists and the time in which they will make this decision public.

“This source confirms that they ended 4 months ago as a result of Gabriel beginning to lose confidence in the Russian, since he discovered her conversations with her ex-partner Emmanuel Palomares, and the actor he met in New York, Britt George, the same ones that led Soto to make a decision ”, was said in the magazine program.

As reported by the anonymous person to come joyGabriel’s decision did not come overnight, especially since the actor was also thinking about the girls he had with Geraldine Bazán.

“Some time ago I had been thinking, because he came to feel empathy, the topics of conversation with the couple, the superficiality and the little interest that she had with her daughters were leading him to experience a crisis before the wedding,” he said. added in the morning.

Likewise, in the program it was revealed that Gabriel for several weeks has decided to no longer be close to Irina, for which they stopped living together in the apartment that was his home in Mexico City, and that Soto decided to leave it to Irina due to because the relationship began to be violent, since the actor was allegedly attacked by the Russian when he told her that he no longer wanted to be by her side.

Finally, the source assured the television broadcast that in the next few days, apparently Gabriel will move to a new home and to achieve this he would have sought Geraldine with the intention of asking for her support with the times he has with his daughters. As well as that it will be in a matter of days when Baeva and Soto issue the separation statement, since they have not yet done so due to the contracts that both have together.

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