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Sustainability floods the planet, so it is something exciting that the most advanced technology joins it, achieving more ethical products and services that ultimately improve people’s lives and economy. In that sense fujitsu has created uvancethe division that will try in the short term that commitment, respect for the environment and the advancement of technology go hand in hand in favor of a more equitable society.

Although it is in a technological environment, it is worth remembering that sustainable development is one of the priorities of the United Nations (SDGs). That said, most companies have been analyzing and thinking for some time about how their products and services can be more sustainable for the future. All of the above, fujitsu It is clear to him and far beyond the technicalities, he summarizes his strategy in that technology allows us live much better and that in itself be much more respectful.

The best way to understand what Fujit-Uvance is is to see in detail the five pillars that support this brand and that group together such key sectors as 5G and artificial intelligence, in addition to data and computing in general. In the 5G or 6G In which obviously not only Fujitsu but the bulk of the brands in the world of networks are already working, an attempt will be made to bet on the conjunction of the cloud, artificial intelligence, to optimize resources and save energy, and photonics. What is this last term? Basically, bet on an almost quantum operation, instead of electronic, where the limits of calculation and processing are almost infinite.


ethics and technology

In the famous theme of artificial intelligence from Fujitsu alludes to the wide possibilities that exist in the field of ethical decisions by computers. So far we have stayed, says the firm, on issues related to energy saving and others. That is why we want to go much further on key issues such as the early detection of breakdowns or failures. Not only Fujitsu, but Ericsson has also already made great strides in this direction of using artificial intelligence to anticipate large-scale network problems. In this sense, both companies warn of the enormous savings of money, time and resources that foresee any global problem in a huge 5G network.

Fujitsu desktop computer

Quantum sustainable

We have discussed the topic of quantum computing before, and this is another of Futisu-Uvance’s foundations for the future. The firm has been researching in this fascinating field for many years. As we all know, IBM and other big brands are also betting on this field. In short, a step into the world of computing and the computation that will forever break the limitations of the calculation. Its consequence, according to the firm, would be of incalculable value for the world of medicine, which would finally have at its service an infinite process source with which it would surely carry out analyzes or empirical conclusions never seen before.

Finally, Fujitsu has also set out to analyze block technology, blockchain and biometrics to unite them with artificial intelligence and raise the levels of security and ethics that any technological solution can offer. Be that as it may, what is clear is that companies do not stop positioning themselves and moving towards more respectful and sustainable products and services. A wonderful trend that we hope will stop the deterioration to which we have subjected our planet in its first centuries of life, and if it is at the hands of technology. Better than better.


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