Frontier hearts fail

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Juarez City.- Ciudad Juárez Above homicides, “heart diseases” rose as the main cause of death in Juárez this 2022. Officially, 1,589 victims were documented in this category, 48.92 percent more than the 1,067 murders recorded at 27 December, based on journalistic monitoring. In addition, other diseases, leaving aside the Covid-19, ended the lives of the border crossings this year.

The “diabetes mellitus type II” recorded 1,194 deaths in the municipality. Officially, “malignant tumors” followed, with 852 deaths.

Then, there were 425 deaths due to “liver problems” and then 346 in “accidents.” In turn, “cerebrovascular diseases” involved 334 deaths and “pneumonia and influenza” 284, so the recommendation is to continue taking extreme precautions.

Based on the indicators of the General Directorate of Health Information (DGIS), “renal failure” was the cause of the death of 131 people.

Likewise, there were 128 due to perinatal pathologies and finally –in the list of the most common causes of deaths in this border city– there are self-inflicted injuries or “suicides”, since from January to December 102 were documented.

Although some of the causes are due to external factors, the Ministry of Health called for adopting healthy habits for the coming year 2023. Eating well, playing sports, drinking water and watching less television are some habits that can be adopted, especially with children. children, to lead a long and healthy life, said the agency. He also added that it is essential to seek a well-balanced diet.

He emphasized that you should drink water and consume less fast food, as well as try to have a good breakfast, set fixed times for each meal, plan your meals in advance so that they are more balanced and complete.

Finally, he indicated that one hour of physical activity, even moderate, improves the mass index and increases performance in different areas of development, even reflected in mood.

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