Former couple places AirTag on minor and mother generates debate about the use of locators

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  • At present, GPS locators have become such a size that they are difficult to detect.

  • GPS locators such as AirTags can be attached to all kinds of objects, including pets and even people.

  • The use of locators on people without their knowledge may incur legal conflicts because it may be a direct violation of privacy.

At present, the use of tracking devices has grown, this as a precautionary measure for the protection of material goods and even pets, which is why various companies have developed devices that allow discreet and timely monitoring of what is detected. want to know your location, such is the case of Apple and its AirTags; however, the use of these can sometimes generate debate, such is the case shown by a woman who recounts how his ex-partner places an AirTag on the minor, generating debate about the use of locators.

Nowadays GPS tracking is a surveillance system to determine the location of an object, car, person, animal, etc.In this case, Apple AirTags are location devices, with a shape and size similar to a coin, which through a technological ecosystem, allows an iPhone or other compatible device to know the exact location of the device. and therefore of that to which it has been placed.

Former couple places AirTag on minor and mother generates debate about the use of locators

From her personal profile, a woman, she undertook the task of highlighting how was it that he realized that his ex-partner had placed an AirTag on his daughter inside his coat without his knowledge, this with the intention of tracking him in real time, because although they had been separated for more than two years, the woman and her husband had found themselves in a constant conflict over the custody of the minor, which is why finding the locator in their daughter it caused him great displeasure.

Within the national territory, the use of GPS locators is an issue that may have legal consequences, because although the use of this in older people may occur, as long as the person in question is aware of and consents to it, or in the case of children between the ages of 3 and 5, in which watches with tracking devices can be placed, may be feasible activities for monitoring people, using this type of device in couples or people without their knowledge can be a direct violation of privacy.

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How do I know who put an AirTag on me?

According to data provided by the page of apple Support, it is possible to know who is the person who has placed an Airtag, because within the page it is explained that when one of these devices is dictated, you can touch the notification, which will send you to a web section, where information is provided about the AirTag, including the serial number and the last four digits of the telephone number of the person who registered it. This can help you identify the owner, if you know him.

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