Former Chinese President Hu Jintao is taken out of congress on live broadcast

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Former Chinese President Hu Jintao is taken out of congress on live broadcast
Former Chinese President Hu Jintao is removed from Congress. Photo: AFP

The former Chinese President, Hu Jintao, was escorted out of the venue where the ceremony of closure of CCongress Of The Communist Party, a highly unusual incident that the official media attributed to a physical discomfort.

The agency Xinhua assured that the former president, 79 years old, “He didn’t feel well”, but he has already recovered.

How did the former president react?

The weak-looking former Chinese president was invited by congressional aides to leave the premises Great Hall of the People of Beijing, where he was sitting in the front row next to his successor and current Chinese President Xi Jinping.

In the images, an assistant is seen trying to grab the arm to the former president, but he refuses. The man then tries to lift him by the armpits, but the politician, who led the country between 2003 and 2013keep resisting.

At that moment, Hu tries to take some documents that appear to belong to Xi, but Xi holds them firmly. Next, the assistant has a short conversation with the former president and finally achieves escort him out.

Getting up, Hu Jintao keeps a brief exchange with Xi Jinping, who replies without looking at him, and with Premier Li Keqiang, whom he gives a friendly pat on the shoulder. The other attendees don’t seem fazed.

The state media did not broadcast the scene, which was recorded by AFP journalists.

The official explanation for what happened to Hu, who has a reputation as a reformer, came a few hours later.

Former Chinese president removed from party congress on live broadcast

“Hu Jintao insisted on participating in the closing ceremony (…), even though he had needed to recover recently. As he did not feel well during the session, his team, for his health, accompanied him to an adjoining room to rest. He is much better now.”

The Xinhua agency indicated on Twitter.

The scene occurred shortly after the press entered the venue and just before the unanimous vote of some 2,300 delegates from the Chinese Communist Party to include the Xi’s “central role” in the party statutes.

Hu, who retired in 2013, appeared last Sunday for the opening ceremony of the congress with a very aged aspect and the completely gray hair.

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