For the 3rd year the most expensive Liga MX squads do not reach the Final Halftime

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Toluca Y Pachuca They are rivals in End of the Opening 2022a tournament in which many already gave the America Y scratched like the clubs that would fight for the championship due to their numbers in the tournament and being one of the best valued squads, although they demonstrated once again that money does not guarantee reaching this stage.

scratchedAmerica and Tigers they have been the most powerful clubs economically, they have had the most expensive campuses of Mexican soccer, but they have not reached a Final since 2019when Monterrey was champion in the Opening Tournament by defeating the Eagles and the UANL team was crowned in the Clausura edition of the same year.

In that Opening 2019the Gang was valued at €87.8 millionaccording to Transfermarkt, followed by tigers Y America with 70.6 and 66.9 million euros, figures that fell in 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic, with 65.9 million euros, 56 million euros and 51.4 million euros. respectively.

Previous to the opening 2021, scratched continued with the most expensive campus being valued at €70 millionbut now those of Coapa were seconds with €69.8 million and in third now appeared Cruz Blue with 64.2 million euros and the cats fell to sixth place with 55.3 million euros.

In the present those who direct Victor Manuel Vucetich have an assessment of €81.1 millionfollowed by those of Miguel blacksmith and Ferdinand Ortizwith 66.3 and 66.2 millionbut the first and third listed remained in the Semifinals and the second in the Quarterfinals of the Apertura 2022.

In this period, after of Opening 2019have been played final five, since in Clausura 2020 the tournament was canceled due to the coronavirus. Being Atlas, Pachuca and lion those who have played the most series for the title, with two each.

Although the power of their campuses did not give them to reach the last instance of the Mexican tournament, it did make them protagonists, since the team from Mexico City was the leader with 38 points, product of 12 wins, two draws and only three losses.

The Monterey it was second place with 35 units after 10 wins, five draws and two losses. To those who yes it cost them went to those of the UANLwho finished in fifth place with 30 units after winning nine games, three draws and five defeats, which earned them to qualify for the Repechage.

Now they will have to see who will be crowned this semester, yes Toluca (43.4) obtains his eleventh Liga MX cup or Pachuca (51.6 mde) gets the seventh. The Final The Tuzos are already ahead of it, after they hit convincingly in the First Leg (1-5) and now they will seek to close the job at home this Sunday to lift the crown.

Equipment table by market value:

  1. Striped: 81.10 mde
  2. Tigers: 66.3 million euros
  3. America: 66.2 million euros
  4. Saints: 61.6 million euros
  5. Chivas: 60.2 million euros
  6. Blue Cross: 51.7 million euros
  7. Pachuca: 51.6 million euros
  8. Atlas: 44.9 million euros
  9. Toluca: 43.6 million euros
  10. Leon: 41.1 million euros
  11. Puebla: 32.9 million euros
  12. Braves: 32.4 million euros
  13. Cougars: 31.5 million euros
  14. Saint Louis: 30.6 million euros
  15. Xolos: 29.9 million euros
  16. Necaxa: 28.5 million euros
  17. Mazatlan: 23.5 million euros
  18. Roosters: 22 million


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