Folding cell phones, what you need to know about them this 2023

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foldable cell phones 2023
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The foldable cell phones did they come to stay? The most important manufacturers of smart devices such as OPPO, with its new OPPO FindN2, they have opted for new folding models that allow the user to simplify tasks such as watching a video and answering a text message at the same time; however, how far does this technology go with book format for this 2023.

The advantages of folding

The foldable cell phones They incorporate an external screen and a large internal screen that is usually revealed when unfolding the device, similar to a book that opens in half, allowing you to:

  • use vmultiple applications at the same time.
  • Access information in different applications, that is, facilitates parallel multitasking.
  • Have a bigger screenwhich means having a cell phone and a tablet at the same time.

For example, with this technology you can attend to notifications or answer an email at the same time. Also some models of foldable cell phones allow you to preview a selfie before taking it as it happens with the OPPO Find N2 and his capture FlexForm for more versatile shooting experiences. Even with this model it is possible to watch a movie on the upper screen while the lower one is used as trackpad.

Disadvantages of foldable cell phones

Some models are not certified against water and are exclusive to the high-end.

It should be noted that a study of The Competitive Intelligence Unit (CIU) of 2021, a strategic consulting firm catalogs the smartphones in 3 categories:

  • High-end with prices above 10 thousand pesos.
  • Mid-range for phones between 3 thousand and 10 thousand pesos.
  • Low range for phones with a price of less than 3 thousand pesos.

A foldable cell phone that will revolutionize this 2023

A foldable cell phone with an innovative design for this 2023 is the OPPO Find N2the new model of the Chinese company that folds completely thanks to its hinge flexion hingewhich is practically “invisible” and is capable of resisting 400 thousand folds, according to TUV laboratory tests.

In addition, it allows you to keep the Find N2 at almost any angle, giving the user new ways to take photos and record videos.

  • Unlike the first generation (OPPO FindN), this new folding OPPO it is lighter, since it weighs only 233 grams.

“The Find N2 is the industry’s lightest horizontally foldable smartphoneeven more than some traditional flagship phones.”


The external AMOLED screen measures 5.54 inches, while the flexible internal one is 7.1 incheswith a resolution FullHD+ (1920 x 1792 pixels).

And for image lovers, its rear camera module is 50-megapixel main, 48-megapixel ultra-wide-angle/macro, and 32-megapixel telephoto. While the front is 32 megapixels. The Find N2 can also capture video 4K ultra night and video 4K ultra HDR.

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