Florian Thauvin, one more French player who doesn’t work in TigresMediotiempo

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André-Pierre Gignac arrived in the summer of 2015 to tigers and revolutionized the MX Leaguenot only because of the titles that it helped the royal club win and because of its media impact, but also because it opened the door for European elements to come to Mexican soccer.

The set of the UANL He is the one who took the most advantage of the door that was opened with the signing of Bomborosince they sought to hire French players, but the bet still does not work and although they gave a ‘bombshell’ with Florian Thauvinnow points to exit.

Thauvin arrived in the summer of 2021 after ending his contract with the Olympic Marseilleearning 5 million euros per season and with the poster of the world champion, but in a year and a half He has played little between injuries and technical decisions.

Since he arrived, he has played 38 games -of 63 possible games-, 23 starts, 2036 minutes and only eight goals and five assists. But in the Clausura 2023 he has not seen action in two games in which Diego Cocca He has left it on the bench.

In the board they expected Florian to be the banner of ‘the new era’ that started in 2021 when the Inge Rodríguez and DT Ricardo Ferrettiand that he became the new figure instead of Gignac, but he is falling behind.

Thauvin aims to be the one sacrificed by the club to give way to Nicholas Ibanezsince they need to release a quota for foreigners and the only way for it to continue is for it to leave Nicolas Lopez.

French players who have not worked

In 2016, a year later, they signed Andy Delorta young striker with quality who they saw as Gignac’s partner in attack and with a possibility for the future, but he left after six months when he was transferred to Ligue 1 Toulouse.

also arrived Anis Libottea French youth who was promised to be in the U-20 for one season and later to go up to the first team, but they did not fulfill it and he left practically at the same time as Delort, without having made his debut.

Antoine Seiera young French goalkeeper, arrived to try himself out with the Under-20s, but he also had a fleeting stint with the basic forces.

Timothée Kolodziejczak He arrived in 2017 as an experienced defender after being at Borussia Mönchegladbach, but he barely spent a year on the squad as he was not regular and was not comfortable with Ricardo Ferretti’s ways of working. He was lent to AS Saint-Etiennewhere he recovered his level and is now in the Schalke 04.


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